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I am so very behind on my shows...

Heroes - haven't seen an episode since 1x03
Veronica Mars - haven't seen an episode since 3x04
Torchwood - caught the first ep

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do. This on top of knocking 12,500 words out in the next 4-5 days (you know, before my extremely pregnant sister pops out my niece).
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Oh my!

Heroes 1x02 )

Veronica Mars 3x01 -- The Welcome Wagon )

BSG: The Story So Far -- I realize that compressing a miniseries and just under 40 episodes of a sci-fi series with complex arcs is difficult, but you guys couldn't give me just a little more? There were like three things in there that I didn't glean from the general context of my flist and playing in FH -- and I was staying spoiler-free (well, up until the recap... I just don't have time to watch Season 2 before 3 starts on Friday). I guess I'll pick things up as I go.
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From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, 'ship and episode. One only!

This is going to take a while )
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Napoleon Dynamite shot Gregory Peck in the chest with a double-barreled shotgun.

This is what I get for watching Reefer Madness: the Musical late at night )
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Acronyms! )
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Why do I want to keep screaming at the screen?

Lazy Sunday

Apr. 2nd, 2006 08:39 am
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Yeah, I'm at work. Yeah, I have actual work to do. No, I don't have enough to fill the day. I like my Sunday-Thursday schedule, though. Makes the week go by faster.

Time to catch up on my fandom posts...

Buffy -- Fear Itself and Wild at Heart )

Veronica Mars - Spoilers Through 2x11 Donut Run )
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Twelve characters. A lot of questions. Many embarassing pairings. Go.

1) Xander Harris
2) Irina Derevko
3) The Ninth Doctor
4) Jaye Tyler
5) Tom Servo
6) Faith
7) Sayid
8) Kaylee
9) Number Six (The Prisoner)
10) Mac
11) Gaius Baltar
12) Penny Lane

And awaaay we go... )
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Actually, it's mostly an excuse to casually mention that I'm performing in the Jester'z show tomorrow night. I have to do it casually, you see. It's this whole thing about making it look old hat.

Anyway. New icons. Stealable (comment and credit)

2 Whedonverse, 2 Doctor Who, 1 Veronica Mars, 1 Alias, 2 Misc )

There'd be a BSG icon if I could find a good picture of Baltar being batshit without spoiling myself badly.
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I have a few icons that need text. You can help. Because you're good people and you probably smell nice. Reply with text for one, two, or all three icons (replies will be screened) and if I like it, I'll use it and credit you in the comments.

There's only three. You can do three... )
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1) Total number of fandoms I like: Good golly. Um, I'll list 'em. * means I write fanfic there, + means I've been meaning to write fanfic there.
Buffy *
Angel *
Veronica Mars +
Alias *
Lost +
Farscape +
Firefly *
Josie and the Pussycats movie (shaddup) *
The Prisoner +
Doctor Who (new series)

With the exception of Josie, I've never really understood movie-based fandoms. It's just not my thing, I guess.

2) My first fandom ever: To read, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, actually. To write, probably Buffy (although I dimly recall some Ghostbusters fanfic back in my wee years).

3) My most recent fandom: Veronica Mars. I love this show so much.

4) Five fandoms that currently mean a lot to me:

Buffy - the first show I was ever well and truly obsessive about. I have an obsessive personality, so I'd had some intense flings before -- Star Trek: TNG being the most notable -- but this was the first show that started mucking about in my life. The first show where I found compatriots who I liked and respected. Home, in short.

Angel - If it had been just Buffy, I might have let go many moons back. However, this deepening of the philosophy and mythos of the Buffy universe has ensured that Whedon has me in his demented grasp for what promises to be the rest of my life.

The Prisoner - Most brilliant television show ever produced. One of TV's only true masterpieces.

Firefly - This is the fandom that I share with my mother. We'll call each other after having seen an episode and gab about the implications or the arc or just the clever dialogue. I hooked her on it and now she's actively hooking others in an attempt to make Serenity a box office smash, one person at a time.

Veronica Mars - I can't tell you how many cool people I've met through this show.

5) Tag 5 people to put this in their journal: [ profile] airawyn, [ profile] qkellie, [ profile] hjcallipygian, [ profile] invisionary, [ profile] sadiekate
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Dear Rob Thomas,

VM finale! What the-- I hate you! I love you! Burn in hell! Have my babies!

Love always,
[ profile] jetpackmonkey
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My favorite quote of yesterday: "I hate picking up the phone [at work]. I either want to strangle the person or beg their forgiveness. Sometimes I want to do both, and I throttle their ankles."

Made a v. v. minor flist cut. Just removed some journals that I don't have the time to give my full attention to.

I've been really tired lately. Admittedly, I'm only getting seven hours a night, but wanting to crash at work every afternoon shouldn't be happening because of that.

Veronica Mars season finale tonight. I'm uber-excited. I'm pretty sure I know who killed Lilly Kane, but I'm dying to see how it plays out. I'm so glad that [ profile] booster17 and [ profile] airawyn tuned me into this show. In a world without new Whedon television, this is a nice surrogate.

Connor & Xander Drabble )
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[ profile] desertwillow came over last night and we settled in for some VM goodness.

Because I know Airawyn hasn't seen it yet )
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Veronica Mars )
Alias )
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I caught the (I assume) rerun of Gilmore Girls last night. Oy, how I miss watching this show. Lauren Graham can call me any day of the week. Adorable adorable adorable.

Now, onto Veronica Mars:

Veronica will always need a cut-tag )
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The only problem with watching the first 15 episodes of Veronica Mars in less than a week is that you know that the wait between upcoming episodes is going to be that much more agonizingly slow. Dammit.

*hums theme song while cleaning apartment*

I still have to finish my review of The Howling today. I've watched it a couple times, and my problem remains that I love it for reasons of nostalgia, not that it's actually a great film. It's a very good film, but it never aspires to great and never attains it by accident. The writing has been a difficult process, but I think I have an angle I can play.

Also, work continues on my "Why Minor Characters Stay Minor" epic (aka Parker Abrams & Tucker Wells Aren't Dead, working title). I'll start posting pieces after my betas look over it, which will happen after my ├╝ber-beta and I have determined that the basic framework is at least sort of in place. So... could be a while.

In other news, I have a mystery that I intend to solve, mostly with a wait-and-see approach. /cryptic
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[ profile] hpcallipygian has already rec'd this, but I know that there are other Veronica Mars fans on my flist that aren't on his.

[ profile] booster17 is working on a Buffy/Veronica Mars x-over called California Screaming and it's pretty rad. I'm not a big VM fan, and already I'm double-checking why, because this is intriguing, intelligent, and hilarious. And you don't even have to be a big VM fan to get into it - [ profile] booster17 gives you all the info you really need right up front in a rather charming fashion.

Fair warning, though, it's a WIP, and this is only the first chapter.

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