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I just e-mailed Jef my resignation from the Jester'z (the improv troupe I trained under for a year and then performed with for another 6 months after that). They've made some changes to how the L3 players are handled, and it just doesn't sound like my cup of tea. It's not like my heart's been in it, anyway. It's been a good run, wish I could have done more with it, but I let things get away from me. It's probably best just to make the clean cut.

ETA: But this is the coolest commercial ever. No CGI or special effects here, folks. Just a bunch of cameras, the hills of San Francisco, 250,000 superballs, and something every kid would die to do (and pretty much every adult, too). Also available in low-res


Sep. 6th, 2005 10:36 pm
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I should not have gone to practice tonight. I just should not have. I'm so jetlagged and tired and I'm in the middle of a serious patch of depression. I just exacerbated matters. Fuck-a-doodle-doo.


I'm really frelling frustrated right now and I just want to hit something or cry. WWTDD?
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I have a new job! I start September 12th as technical support for iPowerWeb. This is totally awesome. My only issue is that iPower has a rep for bad tech support, so that's a hill I'm going to have to climb over with every person who calls in. Otherwise, rock!

Plus, I have a show tonight. This is the best Thursday evar.
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Awesome Thing That Most of My Flist Will Appreciate:

I played Spike last night in the Jester'z show. We had a whole Buffy scene. I came on as Giles, but one of the other players identified me as Spike, so I switched up on the spot. It was awesome. Terrible accent, though.

Sucky Thing That Happened After the Show:

I broke my glasses.
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Conversation with a total stranger in the Willow House today:

Girl browsing books: (looks up, gives questioning look) Do you do improv?

Me: Yeah.

Girl: I saw you. You were good.

Me: Thanks.

[ profile] meacu1pa and Pat: (spontaneous applause)
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Enjoy my brainless leap into a pointless survey thingy.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )

Show was iffy tonight. I'm hoping it's just sophomore slump come to haunt me.
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Actually, it's mostly an excuse to casually mention that I'm performing in the Jester'z show tomorrow night. I have to do it casually, you see. It's this whole thing about making it look old hat.

Anyway. New icons. Stealable (comment and credit)

2 Whedonverse, 2 Doctor Who, 1 Veronica Mars, 1 Alias, 2 Misc )

There'd be a BSG icon if I could find a good picture of Baltar being batshit without spoiling myself badly.
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Last night's L3 show was incredible. I'm so glad I stuck to this improv thing, because... wow. The feeling that you get from standing in front of a paying audience and making them laugh is just exhilirating. It's like sex, but with fewer hazards.

[ profile] alterity started us off with some awesome warm-up exercises. Warm-ups are tricky for me, but I enjoyed. There was one called London Bridges, I believe, that was a complete mystery to me, but I caught on soon enough. I think. I hope. Anyway.

The crowd started ambling in soon enough. Mom came, as did my sister and her Jason. [ profile] skittle_licious was there, and a few other folks that I invited/were invited on my behalf. Completely gratifying, even though I didn't really get a chance to say hey to everybody until after the show.

Then lights down, Jester'z up... and everything's kind of a blur after that. There's a few scenes I remember with crystal clarity because they were just that good ("Oh, I can stretch!") and some I can remember that well because they could have been better. Other scenes were swell to super-swell, but like I said, blur. It just went by so fast. I was lagging in energy by the time the last game came around, but man...

And the kudos! People coming up with the hi-fives and the handshakes and the hugs and... wow. Just wow.

I have to thank everybody who was up on stage with me. Improv is nothing without support and we were 100% there for each other. If you're reading, gang? Great job.

And now I must trundle back to the less-funny work.
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That is all. *collapses*
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Yeah, I'm a little anxious about tonight's improv performance. I had some funky-ass dreams last night. In the first, I kept lost in the backstage (Theater 168 had, at some point, become a gigantic, classically regal theater with red velvet curtains and thousands of seats). I ran into [ profile] kennybosco a bunch of times and he kept telling me they were waiting for me and why wasn't I on stage?

In the second, I was at the normal theater, but I couldn't keep up with the pre-show warm-ups. I kept getting confused by really simple things, and one of my teammates (who doesn't resemble anybody I'm actually playing with) was trying to mess me up deliberately.

Oh, well. I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to be an awesome show and I couldn't have asked for such a great bunch of people to perform with.
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What I need right now is a financial secure friend who suddenly decides they love me enough to plunk down the necessary cash to buy me a permanent account.

Yeah. And Tina Majorino might confess her undying love for me.

In other news, had my first L3 practice last night. I'm still so very overwhelmed by it all, and I'm making some rookie mistakes because of it. I'm glad they're not putting me on stage immediately, because I still need to get acclimated.
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Well, today's going to be bloody interesting. I couldn't fall asleep until 1:30 in the morning. Le sigh.

On an upnote, tonight's my first night rehearsing in Level 3 at Jester'Z. I'm super-stoked about having moved up. I just hope that five straight hours of practice won't kill me after not enough sleep.
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I no longer have a cold. I have the goddamn flu.

I should've never gone to improv practice tonight. However, they just bumped me up to L3 (performance class), so I felt it's be bad if I didn't go. I don't know what I thought. "OMG, you totally missed class for valid health reasons. You're out of the club!"

I'm such an idiot.
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I was going to use [ profile] seeshellirun's report structure, but it doesn't seem terribly appropriate since there wasn't a lot of good in the class today nor anything particularly memorable.

Let's just say that everybody was off their game today, myself included. I don't know if it was the pressure of being moved up to L3 (in-training) suddenly or what, but the energy was just off. The nice thing is that Jef emphasized that the class was about getting the structure of the games into our heads, and he wasn't so much focusing on improv skills.

Still, I felt pretty moronic up there today, like I hadn't ever been on an improv stage before. My compatriots agreed - it was just an off class. Hopefully, Saturday's L2 class and next week's Games class will be better.

As for myself, I really need to work on building a connection with my cohorts. Too often I'll just assume they know what I'm thinking and go off, which is unfair, especially since I'm supposed to be working with what they're thinking, too. Also, holding back on the urge to kill a certain fellow improviser gets harder all the time.

Anyway, next week should be better.
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Have Jester'z audition in 1.5 hours. Nervous, but excited.

Also, made an icon from the new Alias Season 4 promo pics.
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Hello, I'm [ profile] uncountedchimes and you're not.

Friday - last day at my temp job. Got a handshake and a promise of a recommendation from the supervisor. So yay for me and bigger and better things. Well, except for the fact that I ended up missing two days in three weeks due to illness, but lately I've just been coming down with everything.

Saturday - Theater 168. It was the best of places, it was a godforsaken eternal limbo of hilarity. ... Okay, not as Dickensian as I intended.

Theater 168 is a tiny little performance space in Scottsdale where the members of the kicka... ahem - kickbutt improv troupe "Jester'z" live, breathe, and perform (well mostly the latter two). I was there all day on Saturday. I got in at 9 AM for my advanced class (I'm bucking to join up). That went until noon, at which point [ profile] ropa and I got lunch and talked about my recent singledom. One of the best convos I've had with her ever.

Then, back to Jester'z at 1 for Dave Thurston's improv workshop. Absolutely incredible. The guy is a genius, and I hope he teaches a few more. He incorporates the lessons of improv into his very style of teaching. He's very active about how much he's involved, how he's affecting the performances, and what he wants to see more of.

At 4, some of us stuck around for another hour to wait for Pay to Play. Jef (the owner guy of Jester'z) ordered up some pizza, and we chowed.

Then, we had Pay to Play. Total amateur night. Just not one of my better nights, except for a great exchange I had with Jef during Goon River as his offstage CIA partner.

Then I hung around for another hour and half before the next Jester'z show, setting up chairs and generally hangin' around like a giant lump. I suspect I was hitting a few nerves by this point, but I honestly couldn't tell you. They did let me sell concessions, though, so they trust me with money. Well, that and they needed to get rid of me for a half-hour. *g*

Both Jester'z shows (the 8 and the 10) were fantastic, but the 8 was brilliant. They did both scene montage *and* Goon River, and there was some really amazing stuff coming out of that. How one gets from the word gigolo to a Jell-O mold of Jessica Simpson to a hole to China... well, I know because I saw it, but I'm not sure I believe it.

Of course, after three sessions of hyperactive improv and two sessions of hyperactive laughing at other people's improv, I woke up Sunday in the pain of the damned.

Yeah, my muscles used today to realize that not only do they exist, but they have abandonment angst.

I spent the day bantering with [ profile] airawyn about the new Heroes ep coming Tuesday (Mass Media Part 2 of 2 - gotta love it). Then I developed an upset stomach. A terrible, awful, frighteningly personal upset stomach. On top of the muscle pain. And the writing struggle.

It's been an interesting day. As in, not asleep yet. As in, I'm still writing. Should be done in the next 2-3 hours.
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Soo... I went to Jester'z tonight - Pay for Play, which means the audience is doing the show, and it's a lot of fun for everybody. I wasn't doing my very best that night, but you know. You do what you can. [ profile] ropa and I had particular trouble staying on topic in the Film Review segment (mainly because I kept losing my Bronx accent and was trying to cover).

Anywho. After the show, the lead guy, Jeff, tells me me he really likes what I've been doing, and offers me a full scholarship to their Top Level improvisation class. Now, these classes are usually 250 bucks for the whole shebang, and I'm getting in for f-r-double-e. Apparently, he thinks I'm like, talented and stuff, and wants to see if I have what it takes to join the troupe proper. But first I have to go through the class, which is fine and good and I'm looking forward to it.

So, yeah. How much do I rock?

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