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I am at [ profile] JetpackMonkey. I have all the fic I'm willing to admit I wrote up there and two of my three VividCon Premieres (the third is pending me figuring out what fandom to put it in -- it's sort of a crossover of Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story and Holiday but sort of not).

I'll probably post the rest of my vids there eventually.

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...and this is mostly because I helped.

You're Too Blind to See by [ profile] niqaeli (Penny Arcade, Rated R) -- Gabe is being really, really nice to Tycho, but in that violently disturbed Gabe kind of way.

I suggested many of Gabe's, ah, gifts that appear throughout the fic, but [ profile] niqaeli brought them to life in a cracked out way beyond my own hopes.

ETA: In other news, Leverage completely rocks me out. "It's a very distinctive sound." *hugs entire cast* Never, ever stop putting plans together, guys.
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That's right -- a full ten months after the last part, here comes a new bit for my Doctor Who/Supernatural crossover.

Title: Right Place, Wrong Time
Author: Jetpack Monkey
Fandoms: Supernatural, Doctor Who
Spoilers: Supernatural through 2x03 "Bloodlust" and Doctor Who Season 3 (general).
Summary: It would be an average hunt for the Brothers Winchester if it wasn't for the weirdo alien with the massive attention deficit.
Previous Parts: 1 2 3

'An honest-to-goodness motel, Martha! Look!' )
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My Jack Harkness post-Parting of the Ways ficlet (thoroughly Joss'd now, of course) "To the Last" as a Wordle: Wherein I'm actually surprised at how often the word Time shows up.
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We have a title! Taking on Supernatural Season 2's habit of naming episodes after either rock songs or horror movies, I went with Dr. John's Right Place, Wrong Time (a song which I am admittedly not terribly familiar with). Don't read too much into it -- depending on your viewpoint, the characters are either in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time. No mixing and matching. Anyway, here we go with Part 3. Standard disclaimers apply -- this hasn't been beta'd and I haven't seen anything past "The Usual Suspects" in Season 2 of SPN.

Title: Right Place, Wrong Time
Author: Jetpack Monkey
Fandoms: Supernatural, Doctor Who
Spoilers: Supernatural through 2x03 "Bloodlust" and Doctor Who Season 3 (general).
Summary: It would be an average hunt for the Brothers Winchester if it wasn't for the weirdo alien with the massive attention deficit.
Section Index: 1 2 3 4

The TARDIS... about two hours ago and three hundred years in the future )

Bonus points for anybody who makes me an icon for this fic.
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Previous part is here. Still no title on this one. I'm thinking it's set just after Supernatural 2x03 - Bloodlust and a still-undetermined point in Doctor Who Season 3.

The Doctor didn't say a single coherent or useful thing for the entire car trip back to the motel. )


Part Three
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This is unbetaed and given that I have terrible history finishing fics, likely to be the first in one of those WIPs that just continues to be IP. Still, I kind of felt the need to write it. Setting is somewhere in Supernatural Season 2 and Doctor Who Season 3.

Neither Sam or Dean thought that the lanky man bent over the bloodied corpse looked much like a police detective. )



ETA: Part 2
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Yay fic. This is my [ profile] yuletide story. I'm reposting it here for archivey purposes (and will also be throwing it on at some point).

Title: Out of the Chicago Loop
Fandom: Ocean's 11 (2001)
Rating: PG
Genre: Heist (what else?)

Characters: Danny and Rusty are the main ones. Others pop up as the story progresses.
Pairings: None, although some read it as Danny/Rusty and who am I to argue?

Summary: Most of the gang unites for a Christmas heist, but what is Danny not telling Rusty?

Notes: Written for Killa in the 2006 Yuletide Challenge. Thanks to Erin for the quick beta and the Internets for all the keen information. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Rusty was freezing his ass off... )
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Cleared out most of the living room in the new place yesterday. Hope to finish up tonight, get some vacuuming done since Mom's allergic to the apartment for some weird reason. Going to IKEA at some point this weekend to get a dresser for the roomie and additional DVD storage for me (I'm running out of space, especially with the addition of [ profile] midnightfae's DVDs to the mix).

Still need to finish up my room. I can pretty much live out of it as-is, but I still have a few boxes worth of miscellaneous crap to sort through. Additionally, there's a good chunk of my stuff still at the old place, including all of my kitchenware and my clothes hangers (the things you forget...).

Gearing up for Comic-Con ridiculously early, partially because I don't want to be situated so far from the convention center again and partially because I (emo tear) miss my Comic-Con friends a lot. Like moreso than usual.

Classic-Horror is sludging along, slowly but surely. Posted a review last night, will post another on Thursday. Neither is mine. I haven't written a review since October and I need to rectify that. I have something like six unfinished reviews going right now (Mad Love, House of Wax '53, It's Alive, Satan's Playground, The Mole People, and Terror at Red Wolf Inn, the latter being the best cannibalism film nobody ever heard of). Also slowly but surely moving everything to the new dynamic format, which rocks and will save me so much time in the long run.

Working on Yuletide... meant to get this started earlier, but oh well. Going to finish it over the weekend and have it beta'd in time for submission on the 18th.

Oh and just got some contracted web design work. Go me.

Er, that's all from this corner. I lead an exciting life.
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I never write porn. I never write slash. I really don't understand the Spander 'ship. Yet alcohol and some sort of weird neural co-mingling with [ profile] airawyn produced the following 250+ words:

Spike/Xander. NC-17. Porny, but character-oriented. In no way safe for work )

Uh, feedback appreciated. Beta'd in the sense that [ profile] airawyn looked it over very late at night and didn't point anything out, flaw-wise.

ETA: I also have a non-porny new Doctor Who icon based on the recently released Season 3 promo pics (it's so hard to keep spoilers out of this kind of text). It's not enough to constitute a new post over at [ profile] jetpackvampire, so here it is:Cut for spoilers, unless you don't count casting as spoilers, in which case never mind )
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Drabble/ficlet for [ profile] midnightfae, who wanted Wonderfalls and zombies. Rated PG-13/R-lite for violence.

We're bobbin' along in our barrel... )
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Getting my fic on, because I asked [ profile] hjcallipygian to do the same:

The first 10 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble on a subject/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal.

My fandom list of doom )

Oh, and as a personal caveat -- I have veto rights on crossovers. There we go. Let's do this thang.
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Title: Charles Gunn Explains How It Is in 70 Questions or Less
Author: Jetpack Monkey
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Charles Gunn somehow survives the whole being perilously close to death thing and decides to hook up with the Watchers' Council. Their psych eval might give him second thoughts.
Disclaimer: Charles Gunn belongs to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, Mutant Enemy, and Fox Television. He does not belong to me.
Author’s Note: This is all [ profile] nemo_gravis's fault.

Word, up )
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I've decided to drop the occasionally confusing Dylan Adams penname (Is he Dylan? Is he Adams? Is he Seymour Krelborne?) in favor of... Jetpack Monkey. I'll be updating my fics as appropriate.
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First of all, Britney Spears has apparently reserved a hospital room in Scottsdale, of all places, to shunt out Pimpdaddy Spears-Federline. So, like, the plagues start here.

I can't recall if I've already done this or not, so... WIP, wild inuit pornography )

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