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Yeah, that ended up pretty much as I thought it would, with a few twists. I blame Deus Ex for ganking the ending for plot point (although with less cleverness). Still, a damned good read.

Also, I've figured out how to work around the plot similarities in my unfinished novel without altering my basic plot mechanics too too much.

Working on Summer Knight right now so I can continue the Dresden Files and so that [profile] midnightfae will stop pouting about not being able to share plot points with me.


Feb. 25th, 2008 08:31 pm
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I wrote about 75% of a NaNo novel in November 2006. It's... 37,500 words of pure idiocy. I kept to the basic NaNo tenet of just writing whatever and ended up writing something sloppy, offensive, and occasionally quite clever. I still have it -- it's completely unedited. I'd be willing to toss it up at [ profile] lanky_writing (or here if there's enough interest). It's a sci-fi detective story starring an ADD bigot solving a case that's about as clear-cut as "The Big Sleep."

[Poll #1144437]


Sep. 29th, 2007 01:15 am
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My plan this year regarding NaNoWriMo is not to do it. I've written about 20K words in the last month for I'm not sure I could plop another unrelated 50K on top of that.

This plan could change and I could go roaring in at midnight on November 1st. But don't count on it.


Nov. 21st, 2006 09:15 am
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National Novel Panic Week. I'm 37,500 words in and can probably just knock the whole thing out over the extended Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm running into a problem...

I have no ending.

That's not true. I have an ending.

I have no climax. I've taken my characters to the logical location of the climax, but now they're just sort of there. They have things they need to do, but they're all really boring and I hate writing it, because I'm tired of writing filler. I've set up some elaborate plot devices that need to pay off and I'd rather just end the whole thing with a big explosion, but I can't write a big explosion for 12,500 words and it'd negate the coolness of much of what I've done.

To put it more succinctly, I'm at a point where I have to stop introducing new elements and work with the existing ones and it's boring.

Anybody else run into this trouble? How do you get through it?
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I am so very behind on my shows...

Heroes - haven't seen an episode since 1x03
Veronica Mars - haven't seen an episode since 3x04
Torchwood - caught the first ep

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do. This on top of knocking 12,500 words out in the next 4-5 days (you know, before my extremely pregnant sister pops out my niece).
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NaNoWriMo (due November 30th, so to speak) -- slowed way the hell down. 37,500 words right now, but I wrote nothing yesterday.

Yuletide fic (due December 19th) -- have picked which fandom request I'm covering. Beyond that, still figuring out the details.

Hetfic Holiday Exchange (due sometime after Yuletide) -- again, know which one I'm doing there, but am lost beyond that.

If I owe any of ya'll fic out there, now is the time to speak up.
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So. Nate has 25,000 words. But what of?

The increasingly bizarre and complex plot )

Where's it going? )

How I made it this far this fast )
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I just broke 25,000.

On day 5.

I think this whole race with myself concept is really working out.
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Good news: NaNo wordcount at 14275 as of midnight 11/4. This means I've officially surpassed my 2003 and 2004 numbers for the entire month of November (I skipped 2005). I'm solidly on my way to winning this year, barring tragedy or extreme silliness.

Bad news: I was stupid and bought a white chocolate mocha around 9:30 tonight and spent the next hour and a half work my way through it. Rough upshot is that I'm still wide awake. In about four hours, I'll have been up for 24 hours straight.

Good news: The coding book I bought about design patterns on Friday is completely awesome. It talks like people learn.

Bad news: It failed to mention anywhere on the cover that it's Java-specific and that knowledge of Java was necessary to work through any of the more complex concepts.

Good news: Returned book and bought another one specifically geared to PHP.

Damn You LJ

Nov. 4th, 2006 05:40 pm
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How am I supposed to brag about breaking 11,000 words on my NaNo if you're down all freakin' day. I had to post it to my Vox and dude, nobody reads that.


Nov. 2nd, 2006 07:56 am
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So, after much hemming, hawing, self-loathing, emo, and general gr argh, I decided to give up on my plan of not doing NaNoWriMo in favor of a general coding project and instead... do NaNoWriMo.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,143 / 50,000

I'm doing okay so far.
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Had a site and couldn't feed her.

I ended up posting two reviews to Classic-Horror last night and labeling one for Sunday and one for today (usually the Sunday review would go up Saturday night). This is my exciting life folks.

Actually, I had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday night, I tagged along to a showing of Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D (which was completely awesome, although I felt woozy after as my eyes got used to not refocusing every second). They even had a classic Pixar short redone in 3D beforehand. I loved it.

After we went to Gameworks. Played a lot of shooters, fighting games, and one racing game, followed by a binge at the ticket-spitters (where I proved definitively that tall men can completely suck at basketball, as I had my ass handed to me by a woman over a foot shorter than I).

My arcade harlot that night, however, was the DVD machine. You had to hit a button just as a flashy light passed by a certain point and it would give you the DVD associated with that flashy light. The first couple of times I tried, I just wanted to win. For that, I was punished with Hilary Duff's A Cinderella Story (which I handed off to [ profile] midnightfae who may yet forgive me). My next win, after about five tries, was one I specifically targeted for winning -- Nanny McPhee. I'm a giant Emma Thompson geek, y'see. Colin Firth is just icing on the cake.

Then, yesterday, the NaNo kickoff party which was a nice mix of fun, friends, and technical geekery. Hung out with my old supe, who has since moved on to technical consulting. At some fried chicken and had someone tell me all about technical concepts above my head. Fun fun fun. I guess I have to learn Python now or something.

Anyway. Back to the grind.
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Never before have this icon's visual and its wording come together so beautifully.

Short version: OMGWTF horror reviews.

Long version:

October's usually a big month for Classic-Horror and boy we've needed one. We've been struggling on 2-4 reviews a month (13 is the ideal -- 3 a week, MWF), partially due to my own writer's ennui and partially due to the fact that my staff sensed my ennui and turned down their own output to nearly nothing (with one or two exceptions). I can't and don't blame them, and in a lot of cases, real life just cropped up and stuck around at an inopportune time.

Anyway. October. October is important because it brings in a lot of people who don't usually go trawling for horror sites. Classic-Horror in particular is a beneficiary of this because our Google ranking has always been high (due to my obsessive cross-linking, probably and also our keyword friendly title and domain). Not only that, but it's a good time to keep readers with us. We tend to play equal parts nostalgia machine and intellectual discussion (and snark resource for your more lowly genre flicks), so those readers who might not otherwise stick around have a good reason to -- it's fun and you might learn something.

October started strong -- we had my preferred MWF set the first week... and then nothing. Week 2 went by without a single review. I felt guilt, but I was working on a particularly tricky critique. Then, while housesitting for my mother, [ profile] midnightfae and I mainlined three films from Warner's Legends of Hollywood Horror box set, two of which were eligible for review. That Wednesday at the coffeehouse, I finished my I Walked With a Zombie review and continued on to my Doctor X review from there... and I hit upon the idea that if I could post a review every day for the last 13 days of October, that'd be a solid way of ridding me of this paternal guilt keeping the readers glued.

So far, it's worked. We've posted seven reviews thus far, five of which are my own (and one of which is the Classic-Horror debut of [ profile] midnightfae).

My word count for the last seven days (including the opening of my Mad Love review which isn't finished yet) is over 5000 words. Which, I realize is less than half of what I should have for the same period in NaNo, but I'm writing for direct web publication and it's still a hell of a warmup.

What've you been doing to get ready? Or are you just mocking those of us who would subject ourselves to such graphomania?
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I am woefully behind on my Nano. Not surprising, given that I've barely managed more than 2000 words in the last two weeks. I need 36,000 words in the next eight days.

I'll be staying off of Trillian. I will be keeping LJ use to a minimum. I will be writing near-constantly.

I once wrote 12,000+ words with good characterization and plot in 36 hours (48 if you count the sleep). I think I can manage 4000 words a day with shit characterization and an increasingly zany and out of control plot.

Spontaneous acts of encouragement are appreciated and welcome.


Nov. 15th, 2004 02:12 pm
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I'm 6/7 days behind on my Nano.

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I'm starting my Nano over. I'm taking this morning to figure out a new plot, characters, basic structure, etc, and then I'm wiping the slate clean.

Worry not for my ability to complete the thing on time, however. Any novel writing I do in November counts towards the 50,000 - so my goal is to do the rebooted 50,000 in the next 18 days, but if I can't do that, I have about 12,000 words worth of leeway.

The scene montage thing... was an experiment. It was an interesting one at that, but it's really better suited for brainstorming - something I should have done in October. Maybe something will come of the wackiness, I don't know.

I do know that some future project will involve monkeys with jetpacks and a giant mutated lemur in middle management with penchant for flared suits.

This is just not the novel I want to be writing right now. It's a good novel, don't get me wrong. There's a lot of potential to the storyline, and I may go back and rejigger it later (cutting out the extraneous scenes or spinning those off into a third novel).

In any case, I don't know *what* I'm going to be writing now. Probably genre. Something that extrapolates the lessons I've learned in the past two years:

Lessons! Woo! )

Anyway, suggestions welcome for the novel. Challenges, also. The plot will probably be something fairly action packed. I'm tempted to write cyberpunk, except that the closest I've ever come to the genre is watching Blade Runner a dozen times.

*sigh* I really need to read more.
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It's like this -

I'm on my third night at my mother's house, but I'm finally getting results with the assholes at my apartment building. After storming into the office this afternoon, they'll have the problem fixed tomorrow morning and they're docking my rent (I'm not sure by how much yet, but I will be reminding them of this verbal promise until I get an exact figure).

Tomorrow night, however, I will not be sleeping at Mom's. I won't even be sleeping in Phoenix. I'm heading to San Diego tomorrow night directly after work for fun fun fun with [ profile] airawyn, including all the JJ Abrams shows not involving Keri Russell you can squeeze into a weekend and probably some amount of running amuck and wreaking havoc. Cardboard tubes optional, monkeys with jetpacks are mandatory.

My Nano is behind by about 2500 words, but I have confidence. Sort of. See: San Diego trip. I'm easily distracted from literary pursuits by... Look - a pterodactyl!

I've been watching my new DVD boxset of "The Prisoner," though, and it is joy...


Nov. 7th, 2004 07:39 pm
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At some point in the Nano process, you accept that you're not doing much more than writing paddingtastic filler in a desperate attempt to hit that wordcount.

At some point about five seconds later, you realize you're really really enjoying that.
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I'm stalled at just under 3000 words. I should be at nearly 5000 by this point.

The really crappy part is? I need to be *ahead* by November 10th, as I don't see myself getting much writing done whilst visiting [ profile] airawyn. Well, some, since we're both writers with writing projects this month. But not as much.


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