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There's been a new version of Dungeons & Dragons released that puts an additional emphasis on story-telling and character building, which excites the crap out of me. Each character sheet has a required space for character traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws. There's a mechanic for rewarding players who make decisions that are counter-intuitive to the quest but in-line with their character.

I'd like to put together a bi-weekly game here in LA on Saturday afternoons or evenings. No roleplaying or tabletop gaming experience required. I would dungeon master.

We'd probably use the starter set, which contains some pre-created characters (but I would be happy to work with anybody who wanted to roll their own).

Any interest?
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[personal profile] kiki_miserychic wants to know: "if someone were going on vacation to where you live, what would you suggest they do while there?"

Well, I usually take people to Universal Studios because it's on the subway and there's a lot of movie history there, but I'm increasingly souring on it. There's just not much to do at the moment, although that will change when they put in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2015, I suppose.

Other than that, Amoeba Records is an *amazing* new and used media shop that is like walking into a candy store. Not only are there great titles, some out-of-print, but you can frequently find unexpected great deals (like a three-disc Close Encounters of the Third Kind set for only 8 bucks). They have an entire section in the movie department that's organized by director.

Checking out a movie at one of the many repertory theaters around here is a must. I like the New Beverly (co-owned by Quentin Tarantino!) but the Egyptian is more convenient to where I live, so I tend to go there . If you come in the Spring at the right time, you can go to the TCM Classic Film Festival, which is awesomeness.

There's a bunch of film and television related museums and studio tours as well which I really should check out.

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So I've spent an hour of my day (spread out in bits and pieces) watching a certain major blockbuster getting filmed about 25 yards from the front door of my apartment building.

See icon for more information.
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Hey, it's my birthday! Another year older!

Sorry I've been incommunicado. I've been moving into a new place (the final place), waiting for Internet to get set-up, and generally getting adjusted to living in a new city, working at a new job, etc.

I haven't even read my friendslist in... too too long.  So if you've had any major life changes, er, point me to the relevant posts.

No birthday mixtape this year, I think. I just don't have the wherewithal (which is a shame, because I've discovered a metric eff-ton of cool new music courtesy of my lead at work).

Going to Disneyland on Friday for my birthday. It will be [personal profile] echan 's very first time going. Very exciting.  

Okay, back to the grind now. Later!
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It occurs to me that, other than my brief and completely unintelligible post from earlier, I haven't made a significant update in two weeks. Whoops. Here's the deal:

I was in fact, offered a job at a different web hosting company which I accepted and now I work with [ profile] lizbetann (same schedule and everything). Went home for Christmas and moving, vastly underestimated the amount of time needed to get our crap out of the apartment, ending up doing the drive to Los Angeles a day late and the schlepping of items into the storage unit a day after that. But long story short, both [personal profile] echan and I are now Los Angeles residents (crashing with Lizbet and [ profile] diannelamerc for the time being). We four drew up plans to live in a big geek commune of a two-bedroom apartment, only to be thwarted by unavailability and then unthwarted today when one opened up. Woot.

Also, I've been exercising daily on the Wii Fit. It's weird but I feel healthier and my ADD (which is currently unmedicated due to a foul-up with the prescriptions in the moving process) is actually semi-manageable. Mind you, when the expectations start to ramp up, I'll want my shiny orange pills again, but for now, I'm kind of okay.

Also, Lizbet and Dee are made of win. That is all.


Jan. 5th, 2011 02:54 pm
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Just an ounce of stability. Give me just one ounce.
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Went to LA this weekend. As per usual, it completely rocked.

Friday )

Saturday )


Man, I needed that. I feel like my system is completely reset and I'm able to handle life again.
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So. Mario Bava Retrospective at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Who can resist? Not me. That's why I'm arriving in Los Angeles (Burbank) on Friday, March 21st at 5:05PM, in time for the Eli Roth-hosted double feature of Bay of Blood and Four Times That Night.

Then I'll continue to be in fabulous Los Angeles Saturday March 22nd, attending the Whip and the Body and Kill Baby Kill double feature that evening. These are two of my very favorite Bava films, all resplendent in suggestive horrors. Which is why I bought two spare tickets and may yet buy more for any Los Angelinos interested.

Sunday I'll be attending the TRIPLE feature The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Hatchet for the Honeymoon, and Caltiki the Immortal Monster (not available on domestic DVD), before leaving Monday morning (from Burbank again) at 9:40 AM.

As per usual, I look cutely at the LA area residents to provide me with their couches and camaraderie whilst I'm in their city. Comment or email (nate AT monkeyswithjetpacks DOT com).
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Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Now I'm at work and rather bored with it. Can I be back in LA now please?

LAX Blues

Dec. 16th, 2007 08:53 pm
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My flight back to Phoenix is delayed an hour and I had to toss my very favorite pocket knife because I idiotically still had it on my person when I reached the security checkpoint.

I'm rather annoyed with myself, actually. There's no way to get that same knife again. It came from my uncle's pizzeria as part of their grand opening and that was seven years ago.


Dec. 12th, 2007 12:50 pm
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Two days to Los Angeles. *party*
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Apparently, I missed snow while I was away.


Anyway. Terribly happy to have had the time to hang with [ profile] airawyn, [ profile] lizbetann, and [ profile] diannelamerc. *hugs all of 'em*

I don't want to be at work now. I want to be at home playing with my shinies.


Mar. 9th, 2006 04:22 pm
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Have arrived at LA. Using an Internet kiosk at airport (and I swear that the keyboard is just slightly non-standard to increase the usage time by fractions of a minute). About ready to head downstairs and get a cab to the screening. It doesn't start for 3 hours, but I can be a little nervous about LA rush hour traffic if I want, thank you.

[ profile] midnightfae was incredibly sweet this morning when I realized that I'd A) forgotten my cellphone charger and B) packed way too much for a single bag. She ran back to my place and got my charger and searched for another bag and brought them to me at work. Above and beyond, folks. Go and give her kudos.

OH, and to be all Doctor Who about the Slither afterparty...

"I'm the Writer, and this is [ profile] airawyn. She's my Plus 1. That all right?" *cheeky grin*
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For all you folks in LA... who wants a Jetpack Monkey for the night of March 10th and all-day March 11th? I'm cute and cuddly! Or, if you're not into that, I'm caustic and incisive! Post a comment or shoot me an e-mail () if you're interested. I give hugs!

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