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Which means that I have about 366 days to do all those things I always said I'd do in my 20s.

*waits for a second*

Yeah, done already I think. I'm not one for lists. Actually, that's a lie. I'm totally one for lists. I just don't think that far ahead.

Next year this will be a longer post, I think.

Bids are still open over at [community profile] fandom_helps for a vid from me. All funds go to Planned Parenthood. Have an old movie or a horror film/series that you want a vid of? I can provide. Or bid on any of the illustrious other fandom luminaries offering their services for a good cause. 
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Hey, it's my birthday! Another year older!

Sorry I've been incommunicado. I've been moving into a new place (the final place), waiting for Internet to get set-up, and generally getting adjusted to living in a new city, working at a new job, etc.

I haven't even read my friendslist in... too too long.  So if you've had any major life changes, er, point me to the relevant posts.

No birthday mixtape this year, I think. I just don't have the wherewithal (which is a shame, because I've discovered a metric eff-ton of cool new music courtesy of my lead at work).

Going to Disneyland on Friday for my birthday. It will be [personal profile] echan 's very first time going. Very exciting.  

Okay, back to the grind now. Later!
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Here it is, my annual birthday mix CD. This year's a bit different in that I didn't try to make the number of tracks reflect my previous age.

This year's mix was heavily influenced by my wedding in December, which shouldn't be a shock to anyone.

Mixin' it up at 27 )

I'll try to remember to toss a zip file online later.

In other news, on Saturday I gave myself an early birthday present -- a shiny HTC Eris Droid phone. Mmmm. Tasty.
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Here it is, my annual birthday mix CD. This year's a bit different in that I didn't try to make the number of tracks reflect my previous age.

This year's mix was heavily influenced by my wedding in December, which shouldn't be a shock to anyone.

Mixin' it up at 27 )

I'll try to remember to toss a zip file online later.

In other news, on Saturday I gave myself an early birthday present -- a shiny HTC Eris Droid phone. Mmmm. Tasty.
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Saturday night, we had a little birthday shindig here at [ profile] lizbetann and [ profile] diannelamerc's here in Los Angeles (one night early since I'm flying home today). In addition to Lizbet and Dee, [ profile] midnightfae, [ profile] airawyn, and [ profile] theninthdoctor and his boyfriend were all there. We watched the first episode of Merlin (not sold yet) and I showed them Hustle (which they loved). It was awesome. And there was cake! Yay for cake!

When I arrived home, I had a package from [ profile] coltsbane. To which I say two things:

1) OMG Thank you so much!


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You can tell I'm avoiding actual accomplishment when I've managed to put together my annual mix CD a whole eleven days before my birthday. I think this is the last year where it's going to be just one CD. As I add another track for every year (the mix that represents the year I was 25 has 25 tracks, the one for age 24 has 24, etc.), it gets harder to squeeze all of the music onto a single CD. Not that anybody actually, y'know, listens to 70-minute audio CDs anymore.

Anyway. Same drill as before. Each track is either a song I discovered, listened to incessantly, or that speaks to some part of the last twelve months. I offer no interpretations or explanations.

This year as a bonus, I've included a CD cover and track listing that should (I think) fit neatly in a jewel case. I'll upload a zip file of the mix as soon as I get some of the iTunes tracks converted to a usable format.

The track listing )

The CD Cover and Track List Insert )
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Jesus, what a bash. [ profile] midnightfae's awesome secret-up-until-last-Monday birthday surprise was a three-day party with seven of my closest friends flying (or driving) in from around the country to hang. There was much booze, Rock Band, Clone High, Dr. Tran, British television, Youtube, and karaoke.

Plus, Versus. Every party that has Versus wins.

In attendance were (in order of arrival, roughly), [ profile] timjr, [ profile] theninthdoctor, [ profile] diannelamerc, [ profile] lizbetann, [ profile] faithfully_luna, [ profile] _jealousy_, and [ profile] airawyn (in addition to [ profile] midnightfae and myself).

So. Much. Fun. My friends are the awesomest.

Now I'm completely and totally wiped. Wowsers.
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Here's my yearly mix of songs that I either dug during the last year or that have some significance to stuff that happened in that time. As usual, I won't get into the reasons behind each choice, although I will note that I did do something slightly different with the format this year by including a few choice bits of MST3K-ness.

Here's the list )
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I keep telling myself that one week from today is just another birthday, that turning 25 isn't significantly different than turning 24 or 22 (although 23 is significant because I'm not going to be a prime number again until I'm 29).

I think I might be lying to myself. It feels significant. It feels heavy and weird and impossible. I never considered being older than 25, because I don't dwell on the future that much. It's not that I live for today -- it's just that being ADD, plans for the future always get waylaid. Things don't really change when your Big Ideas keep getting put aside for the next bit of shiny. So you stop. You make a reasonable, flexible budget (which you tend to overspend) and hope that your charm and your uncanny ability to rally together a last-minute plan get you through the year.

[ profile] midnightfae has some sort of awesome (in the classical sense) and complicated Birthday Plan for me. I have no idea what it is and I'm grateful, because surprises are awesome. Plus, she gets me the best presents. She freakin' tracked down a Clone High DVD for me for Christmas in 2005. Clone. High. WIN.

Keep an eye out in the next seven days for the tracklist for my annual birthday mix CD and the semi-annual Top 25 movies update.

Run Away!

Jan. 16th, 2008 01:07 am
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The roommate is planning something extra-special for my birthday. She has told me this much, and that I'm to keep the weekend after my birthday (Feb 22-24) open, but nothing else. She's quite keen to keep it a surprise and I am quite keen to be surprised. That's how birthday presents go. And [ profile] midnightfae always comes up with the very best presents.

I also know that she has involved some of my friends in this evil (read: awesome) plot. This she did not tell me. See, my roommate, cunning as she is, doesn't know how to use a Mac. She's been borrowing mine while Dell tries to figure out how to repair her laptop and sometimes she leaves her LJ session logged in.

Like today. I opened up Firefox and there's Livejournal, logged into her account, with the words "No-Nate filter" on the Recent Comments list in large, friendly letters. You've never seen a browser window close so fast. I was practically out of breath from the effort.

I promptly went and taught the roommate how to use Apple Key + Q to completely close a program.

If you're in on the plot, don't let me know anything. Not even a vague hint. Last year, for Christmas, I randomly guessed as a joke that she was giving me Tom Servo. I swear I didn't know she'd been gathering gumball machine heads and spring arms for months (that project is, sadly, not yet complete due to various distractions). I have a terrible knack for working these things out based on ridiculously scant information and I do not want to be ahead of the game.

This has been a public service announcement for the Let's Keep Jetpack Monkey in the Dark Regarding His 25th Birthday Society. We accept generous donations of complete information blackouts and they're tax-deductible. Please, give today.
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Oh yeah. Other tradition -- only annual, luckily. The birthday mix CD.

Track listing )
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It would've been *awesome* if The Number 23 came out while I was still, y'know, 23. However, the film's release date is February 23rd. I turn 24 on February 15th. The heck you say.

Incidentally, if you go to you can enter an essay about the significance of 23 in your life and enter to win a Wii. The marketing people who asked me to put a button on the site for this contest (which is not why I'm linking it here) said it's because W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet and as a letter is has two points down and three points up. 23.

I think it's because the Wii looks awesome.
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Some of ya'll may recall that back at the end of 2005, I co-ran a little RP called [ profile] fandomhigh (and occasionally ran ran, much to the consternation of my stress levels). This was an amazingly huge timesuck and prevented me from doing a lot of the things that I loved to do -- like actually watch fandom shows.

I'm starting to really cringe every Thursday morning after Lost and Veronica Mars have aired, because I haven't caught an episode since early November. I want to know what's going on, but I don't want to run out and just spoil myself, either.

At the same time, what with having the girlfriend and all, I just don't have the time to download and watch the shows. Pretty much, right now, I'm waiting for the seasonal DVDs to come out this summer and I'll catch up then.

But I'll be damned if I'm missing the new season of Doctor Who. No how, no way. No sirree.

Instead, I've been watching a metric crap-ton of films and guiding [ profile] midnightfae through the wonders of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What I've been watching )

And in case you were wondering...

The Birthday Haul )
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Every birthday, I make a mix CD that somehow attempts to capture a span of 365 days. Some of the songs are just stuff I listened to, others are more personal. This year's is no different.

I'm not providing an explanation for my choices this year (if I ever have). Some of them are self-explanatory. Some don't have an explanation to give. Others I really don't feel like explaining. So, yeah. Interpret as you will.

The mix )

I'll throw a file up on YouSendIt just as soon as I can.
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Gonna be 23 in a little over a week and a half. Very strange. Time for all those yearly looking-over-stuff things that one does when one ticks off another year. Time to reevaluate the Top 25 films, to start working on my yearly Birthday Mix CD, to kick myself into gear about all the things I didn't accomplish since the last time I changed ages.

It's all very strange, this onward process of time.

*goes back to PHP coding of doom*

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