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In the process of watching Alias Season 4, I have taken to assigning everything Weiss does with a rating of 1-4 Grunbergs, 1 Grunberg being kind of cool and 4 being the pinnacle of the Grunbergian awesome.

I have yet to assign below a 3 on the scale. Because it's Weiss.

Also, I banged the crap out of my ribs today closing a car door. Ow.

RPG Meme

Sep. 11th, 2006 07:33 am
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Stolen from a bunch of folks, most recently [ profile] theusual:

Always have a question for one of my characters but never had the chance or reason to ask? Now's the time! Ask any of my characters any question you want and they will answer it. No character or question limit. Knock yourselves out!

In the Sunnydale Socks (all Buffy/Angel), I have played Parker Abrams, Clem the Demon, and Charles Gunn. In Heroes (all Buffy/Angel), I played Gunn, Buffy, and Angel. In Fandom High, I played (hoo boy) Number 6 (The Prisoner), Rob Gordon (High Fidelity), Marshall Flinkman (Alias), Jack Bristow (Alias), Dewey Finn (first semester version, School of Rock), Miles Raymond (Sideways), Mickey Smith (Doctor Who), and Eric Weiss (Alias).
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From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, 'ship and episode. One only!

This is going to take a while )
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[ profile] coltsbane has a poll on the best TV dads. Put in a good word for Jack Bristow, won't you? He's my Spydaddy and he's yours, too...
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...with "Alias."

My friend [ profile] midnightfae has posted her stream-of-consciousness reactions to watching mid-Season 1 Alias. Warning: it's hilarious.
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Twelve characters. A lot of questions. Many embarassing pairings. Go.

1) Xander Harris
2) Irina Derevko
3) The Ninth Doctor
4) Jaye Tyler
5) Tom Servo
6) Faith
7) Sayid
8) Kaylee
9) Number Six (The Prisoner)
10) Mac
11) Gaius Baltar
12) Penny Lane

And awaaay we go... )
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Spoilers for... whatever the hell last night's ep was called )
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I'm coming in late on this whole appreciating the fanfic thing, but I have two authors that I'd like to shout out to, and some of their more brilliant works.

First off is Yahtzee, who does some fabulous work in all sorts of fandoms, but I mainly appreciate her work in Angel and Alias.

As Time Goes By (NR, Angel) - Casablanca through the lens of Angel futurefic. It's a thoughtful, well-told story, and it's easy to see how our characters would retell this classic tale while still remaining themselves. Who plays which parts is a surprise and a pretty cool one at that.

Splinter (R, Angel, co-written with Rheanna) - The Fang Gang takes a detour when trying to get home from Pylea... and lands in an alternate LA where nothing is as it seems, but one thing appears painfully clear - Angelus and Darla rule the night.

Soap Opera (NR, Alias) - Everybody should know that I'm a sucker for Syd/Weiss, and so, apparently, is Yahtzee. This is a sweet story of Weiss trying to get the girl even though he knows he probably shouldn't.

Next is Liz Marcs, who writes the best Xander ever. This is Xander as I know him - cute, funny, dependable, but closed-off and deeply flawed. The nice thing about Liz is that even though she has obvious favorites (Xander and Faith), she still writes crackin' ensembles where nobody is left to the wayside.

Living History (PG-13, Buffy) - This is her epic. Even though her current WIP is looking lengthy, it's still a much tighter story than this sprawling epic about visitors from the future shaking up the Scoobies' new situation in Cleveland. The story is, amongst other things, about destiny and how we have to fight it even if we are bound to it, because that's how we become who we will be.

Contrite Spirits (PG-13, Buffy) - Xander, Faith, and the Catholic Church. On a mission to track down a new Slayer, two comrades discuss matters of, ah, faith. Brilliant writing and example of the author's precise characterization.

Cuckoo in the Nest (PG-13, Buffy) - Tony Harris is a serious serious asshole and Lizbeth Marcs has the guts to write it. It's an almost painful read, because the man is so obviously pathetic and deluded, and there simply can't be a truly happy ending for a dick like this. Although somewhat related to her current WIP, this fic stands on its own.

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