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I really loved it. I loved it because it thrilled me and it made me think enough to put together a post on it at Cinema-Geek - Inception: The Movies in Your Mind.  It's one of those things that took me very little time to write because it all flowed out so naturally. However, after I finished, my head came up with even more stuff. Rather than try to fit it in to the already written post, there will be a second part later this week.
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New post over at Cinema Geek -- Movie Cities I Love: Vienna from The Third Man (1949).

I think I'm kind of finding my rhythm over there. It's less about movies and more about the experience of being a movie lover. I'll probably move some of my movie-related journal posts over there (backdated, of course).
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In which I get a little navel-gazey about Classic-Horror's upcoming tenth anniversary and contemplate exactly what running the site for 10 freaking years means for me. I'm of two very different minds on the subject.
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First, I have started a new project with an attached blog. Visit Sifting Through the Great Unwatched as I try to watch four hundred movies in my DVD collection that I've never seen before. In the course of a single year. Should be fun.

Second, I will be attending VividCon this year. It'll be my first year in attendance and I'm totally stoked.
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Wherein I talk about colorization, Return of the Living Dead, Krull, Meet the Feebles, and idiotic things theaters do to save money.

I'm wondering how wise it was to start a second blog. I'm not really getting any major traffic (mind, I've only been operating for a month) and I don't always remember to post. At the same time, I feel more comfortable getting into ridiculous amounts of detail about movies over there than I do here. Don't ask me why. *ponders*
jetpack_monkey: (Nic & Danny - Action Movie Classic) For all your movie blogging goodness. There is also a feed at [ profile] cinemageekblog.

For the feed, do you guys prefer the full entry a la Neil Gaiman and Wil Wheaton, or a brief summary like Classic-Horror does now?
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I often marvel at the number of "Unpopular Fandom Opinion" posts I read where the comments are, by and large, nothing but nodding agreement. I guess they couldn't've been that unpopular.

This, however, I think is an unpopular opinion:

Despite going to pot in the last half-hour, Exorcist II: The Heretic is by and large a better film than The Exorcist. [ profile] midnightfae and I watched it over the weekend and we both agreed on this point. Mind you, neither of us is terribly fond of William Friedkin's The Exorcist (read my review). Exorcist II starts out quite strong, creating a logical follow-up and actually explaining away some of the irritating plot holes and inconsistencies that plagued its predecessor.Spoilers follow. )
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Accidentally started a small tradition last night. You see, I recently made a list of all the movies in my collection that I've never seen. The list came to about 250 films (this includes individual films in box sets) -- or roughly half to a third of my collection (depending on how you're counting). Given the huge number of films unexperienced and the large number of DVDs I buy in a month, it seemed best for me to start working through that list.
Thunderball, The Adventures of Robin Hood, It Happened One Night, and The Lady Vanishes )

Stay tuned for even more Cinema Blog hijinks. I'm sure I'll have some.
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Uh... what now? Mix together the nihilism of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the misplaced devotion of Misery, and the French countryside, and you won't get Fabrice du Welz's Calvaire (or as the title's subtitle would have it The Ordeal), but you'll get a close enough approximation to start a journal entry about the film.

There's this singer, Marc, who does really low-rent gigs at places like retirement homes. He's on his way to a gala Christmas performance when his van breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He accepts the offer of a clean room from a strange innkeeper until his van can get fixed. Marc's detour starts heading downhill from there. The mechanic's always unavailable to come up. Marc is warned to stay away from the villagers, who are apparently too strange for words. And the innkeeper keeps stealing personal effects out of his van, while leaving things like money.

Then, one fateful morning, events stop heading downhill -- mostly because they go off a cliff and just go straight down. To explain would be telling, but I will say there's an undertaste of dark, dark, dark comedy in everything that follows, which is more than a little masked by the overtaste of "Oh shit oh shit oh shit."

Recommended. Sort of. It was a very strange film.
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In honor of Grindhouse opening today, I declare this post open to talking about your very favorite bad/cult/weird movies of all time. I'm not talking big-budget studio product, I'm talking low-budget independent trash, here (think Sci-Fi Channel Movie of the Week for a modern antecedent).

Some of my favorite low-budget bad/cult/weird films of all time (limiting myself to one per director):

Asylum of Satan
Basket Case
The Beyond
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
Blood for Dracula (AKA Andy Warhol's Dracula)
Blood Freak
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
Dawn of the Dead '78
The Diabolical Dr. Z
The Howling
It's Alive
Plan 9 from Outer Space
The Road Warrior
Sleepaway Camp
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
The Toxic Avenger

What are some of your favorites?
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No full cinema blog on The Candy Snatchers or Blood Freak. Unfortunately, a day of having my ass kicked getting the new futon set-up was enough for me. The Candy Snatchers was... bizarre, often quite unexpected, and tasteless in all the right places. Mostly. I think that I've just had a bad streak lately of watching films with unexpected rape scenes. The Candy Snatchers, being exploitation cinema, had two.

Everything I have to say about Blood Freak is at my Classic-Horror review.

Caught the new Doctor Who. Without spoilers, I can safely say that I like the new companion.

With spoilers... ever-so-minor. Really more speculation based on a teensy-weensy detail I caught that I don't even explicitly describe )

Bought some DVDs today, including a few slasher films since my collection is woefully without. Yes, I said woefully. Upon finishing "Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of Slasher Cinema" by Adam Rockoff (and watching the companion documentary -- thank you Starz for sending me five bajillion copies in various stages of not-quite-finished), I realized that I'd given this particular subgenre an unfair shake. Steps have been taken to rectify this.
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I had the hardest time selecting a film last night. I stared at the titles for a good hour. I knew I needed to watch a horror film, since the reviews on Classic-Horror had been sparse this month. I wanted to get something up tonight or tomorrow night (and my review of The Black Room has been stalled). After a lot of kvetching and some completely unnecessary drama on my part, I settled on Juan Lopez Moctezuma's 1975 Alucarda la hija de las tinieblas or just Alucarda for the English-speaking world.

Under the cut... )

Tonight, I'm going to a 1970s double feature at [ profile] desertwillow's theater, featuring kidnapping thriller The Candy Snatchers and a personal favorite, the world's only turkey monster/anti-drug/pro-Jesus/gore film, Blood Freak. Look for my full report tomorrow!
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I would like to keep this cinema blog somewhat accessible, without compromising the fact that I like my movies like I like my women -- esoteric. As such, I will probably alternate, something well-known and something not very well known at all. Something older, something newer.

In keeping with this, I'm starting out with a double feature: Moulin Rouge! (Baz Luhrmann, 2001) and Bone (Larry Cohen, 1972).

Under the cut )

For those keeping track, I will definitely be watching and commenting on the following films soon: The Candy Snatchers and Blood Freak (both on 3/30), and Grindhouse (on or around 4/6).
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We call this project "Jetpack Monkey watches a lot of movies and talks about them." It's similar in concept to the Screening Log over at one of my very favorite movie review websites Not Coming To a Theater Near You. I watch a movie. I talk about said movie. I invite you, the reader, to join in the discussion of said movie. Easy.

I'm doing this because I want to open up my journal a bit. I admire blogs like [ profile] liz_marcs or Making Light that have an element of universalism to them. The bloggers speak of that which interests them, but do so in a way that they capture the interest of others who then speak on that interest.

Lately, I've come more and more to the conclusion that my personal life should remain personal, shared with the few rather than the many. I still want to contribute words, however, and this seems like the easiest way to do it. This won't affect the format of the journal too much. Fewer memes, probably, but otherwise, things should remain the same. It's like adding a new section to the newspaper.

What do you think?

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