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Title: Feel Dead Inc.
Song: Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Source: The Cabin in the Woods
Warnings: Not-work-safe nudity, graphic violence, blood, zombies
Made for: Greensilver, Festivids 2012

Summary: The Ultimate Post-Modern Experience in Grueling Terror

Password: merman

Download 42MB MP4 (SD) (right/ctrl-click, "Save link as...")
Download 83MB MP4 (HD) (right/ctrl-click, "Save link as...")

Notes behind the cut )
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So, in the letters column of the BtVS Riley one-shot, there was an announcement about upcoming Whedon-related Dark Horse projects, including "the return of  the Angel series to Dark Horse." IDW, the current publisher of Angel comics, is still prepping a statement. Not surprisingly, the Whedonesque thread on the Dark Horse/Angel blindside has exploded, largely from a very vocal segment of Angel fans who seem to view this as de facto character assassination (don't ask me how).

And I can't. stop. reading. 

I'm a horrible person.
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Dr. Horrible Act II is up.

If I may say, Act I, I wasn't really wild about all the parts where they weren't singing. Here, though? Totally awesome all the way through. And the songs are even better.

Neil Patrick Harris has a voice like an angel. A fallen angel. Of doom.

Can't wait to see how it ends. Don't want it to ever end.


Jun. 25th, 2008 12:26 am
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I may have just made a new icon based on the entirely awesome Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog teaser.

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Because Whedon is awesome.


Jul. 22nd, 2005 07:01 pm
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I don't care if I own the DVDs. There's something entirely hot about watching "Firefly" being broadcast like normal television. And in order!

Good times...


May. 27th, 2005 12:49 am
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Serenity is much more awesome the second time around. Plus, people around you treat you like gold if you mention you've seen it already. Must exploit this further.
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Little known fact: I own

Further little known fact: I'm doing nothing with it.

So... any suggestions?


May. 9th, 2005 09:37 am
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Serenity advance tickets bought! I'm taking my mother and her husband to see it on May 26th for Mom's birthday!

Giddy. I feel giddy (even if I didn't feel the film was all that and a bag of potato chips the first time around).
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So, [ profile] desertwillow and I woke up early Thursday so we could make it to Los Angeles in time for the screening of Serenity (yup, that Serenity). It was a long, awesome trip where we listened to music and talked about our families and other things. She's just awesome.

We arrived at [ profile] airawyn's around 12:30 -- way early. So we three hung out at some shops in Hollywood. Didn't buy anything, but some of it was damned tempting (like a script for "The Body"). Then we headed out so we could be early for the Serenity showing. In line, we met up with [ profile] lizbetann, [ profile] diannelamerc, [ profile] veggiebelle, and [ profile] redefining_self (who, it turns out, is way cool).

Serenity thoughts - no Spoilers )

We headed back to [ profile] airawyn's, where [ profile] desertwillow and I were inadvertantly locked out for about five minutes. Whoops. Then we all crashed. Good times.
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I will not watch the Serenity trailer. I will not watch the Serenity trailer. I will not watch the Serenity trailer. I will not watch the Serenity trailer. I will not watch the Serenity trailer.

This is hard.
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Angel and Dawn have always had a curious relationship, in that in one sense they have three years of solid history together, but in another they've only had one communication on-screen ever (and that was Angelus, with only his side of the conversation seen).
This got sort of long )


Jan. 31st, 2005 01:15 pm
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Angel Season Three has arrived. Two seasons to go before a complete Buffy/Angel collection is attained.
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This is something of an embarrassing confession, being male and a Buffy fanfic writer. I've had a few recent additions to my fanfic awareness bubble and I've taken to perusing their profiles. It's come to my attention that I automatically assume that a Buffy fanfic writer is female unless I'm otherwise informed.

How ridiculous is that? There's nothing about "Buffy" that makes it more orientated to the female writer than the male. Indeed, there's nothing about men that makes them less likely than women to key into the "Buffy" fanfic world. Hell, I write fanfic (I just don't finish it), and I'm male.

Maybe it comes from experience. I've been involved in a couple of LJ RPs in my time, and I'm usually one only a few males. Once I was the only one. In the one major fanfiction group writing project I've done, I was the only guy (and also, incidentally, the youngest by a few years).

So, I guess the real question is - where are the good male Buffy fanfic writers? I know they exist. I've read their work. But why is it such a minority that I actually find myself shocked when I discover one?

So, here's a little survey for the guys out there:

1) Do you write "Buffy" and "Angel" fanfiction?
2) Do you feel that you're in a gender minority in the Jossian fanfic circles?
3) How would you describe your fanfiction? What genres, 'ships, etc. do you write in?
4) What genres, 'ships, etc. would you absolutely avoid?

And for everybody:

5) Why do you think there's a gender imbalance in "Buffy" and "Angel" fanfiction writing?
6) Does this trend extend to all fanfiction?
7) Do you find it's more difficult for a writer to win your readership, based on their gender? Why?

Please pimp this out, start a dialogue. I'm interested in the answers and the discussion resulting from those answers.
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I've been randomly watching S6 eps over the weekend, mostly Trio eps, and... really wondering how in the hell I became so enamored of this show that year. I mean, there's so few episodes here that are really worth noting.

Some stuff that I used to like that I really don't now:
Season 6 spoilers )
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I have successfully hooked my mother and her husband on Firefly. They're eagerly awaiting the release of Serenity in September.

Oh yeah.

In other news, I went on the local Art Walk tonight. 'twas fun.
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I've figured out why Buffy was so cranky in S7...

The answer revealed! )
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I'm creating a vid for the last half of Angel S5, from Soul Purpose on. I have HDTV rips of 5x10, 5x14, and 5x16-5x22 (okay, my 5x19 is shoddy and not even in the right aspect ratio). I can do without Damage, Why We Fight, and A Hole in the World (the recap at the beginning of Shells conveniently covers all the parts in 5x15 that I need), but I can't do without You're Welcome.

I tried Suprnova and no joy. Anybody know where I can get this, preferably in a high-def TV rip?
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Okay, I was going to go into this big thing about Dylan Thomas (who, incidentally, is the origin of my penname, Dylan Adams) and his poem "Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night" and how it related to "Not Fade Away." I was planning it out in my head while I was watching it. But, oh no. Not only did [ profile] qkellie beat me to it - and with ICONS - but also a handful of other analyses of the ep.

Am I just that unoriginal?

For all two of you who are still waiting to catch the Tivo )
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Okay, after seeing pictures of GotR in Amsterdam, I totally want the next Whedon series to be Oz and Spike in a rock band touring the world, fighting crime/evil on the side. They could call it Phantom of the Wolf or something...

Oz: Dude, do you want to intro this one?
Spike: Absolutely, mate. This ones called "Hellsucker" and it's dedicated to the date of the tramp in the third row. Poor bloke doesn't know that he's out tonight with a succubus!
Date: What?
Oz: Hate to break it to you, man.
Spike: And now, Oz will get about to killin' her with a E-flat, diminished ninth. Take it!
Oz: (plays it)
Succubus: (dies horribly)
Band: (rocks out)
Crowd: (cheers)

Rock'n'roll, sex, Seth Green, and Marsters. How could the networks NOT go for it?

Oh, and this is totally a fic challenge for the wackily cracked out.

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