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So. Dreamwidth. I should catch you up. And stuff.

[personal profile] echan and I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary on December 13th with a trip to Legoland. We stayed on the pirate-themed floor in a pirate-themed room. With bunk beds! Which I did not fit into well. The park itself was pretty cool. As an amusement park, it's so-so. As a display of the wonders of LEGO craftsmanship, it is a modern marvel. Miniland USA and Star Wars Miniland are very, very awesome. They also had miniature golf! I bought... many many many many LEGOs. I'm using them for purposes related to the last item in this post.

Speaking of echan, ze bought me an awesome thing for the holidays: Borderlands 2 replica Loot Chest. I'm using it store LEGOs.

Been side-watching Gilmore Girls with [personal profile] jmtorres (wherein she watches it and I pop in and watch it with her when I'm around). It's a fun show, but it's getting increasingly less happy-place as we get into the sixth season.

[redacted Festivids discussion]

Went to the Kings/Coyotes games on Saturday with [personal profile] niqaeli. Had a great time. I'm not into sports, really, but I enjoy a good game every now and again.

I have jury duty next month. I am... ambivalent.

I'm currently prepping to play Dungeons and Dragons with [personal profile] brokenallbroken[personal profile] airawyn[ profile] rhi_silverflame[ profile] lizbetann, and [ profile] diannelamerc. Our first session is January 3rd and I am... slightly obsessive. I don't want to get caught off-guard, basically. I did build a pretty cool dice tower out of LEGOs though.

Blind Item

Oct. 23rd, 2014 02:07 pm
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I had a friend email me out of the blue and tell me that they "continued" to not want anything to do with me. Which is the first I've heard of it. We used to be close, but drifted apart, and I hadn't heard from them in over a year prior to this. I can't ask them what this is about because they specifically requested I not attempt communication or contact of any kind and I'm respecting that. I can only guess.

The memory goblins are compiling a litany of every potential offense or slight I've ever committed within a five-mile radius of this person. I thought I'd been really good about not being a total asshole lately, but maybe I just got cocky.
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Where was I? Oh yes. I went to bed on Friday night feeling like my legs were in revolt and not giving a crap.

However, I had to be up early on Saturday This is where we talk about Saturday )

Aaaand up again early on Sunday morning All about Sunday morning here... )

A moment of navel-gazing... )

Back to Sunday!Here we go... )

Next post will cover the last two Fiasco games, the end of the weekend, and vid recs.
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Title: Wonderful World
Artist: Louis Armstrong
Source: All of them.
Warnings: Excessively gooby. May not make sense if you don't know the recipients.
Made For: [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann 

Summary: Dianne and Lizbet got hitched and I expressed my joy for them in the best way our kind knows how: I made them a vid with all of their favorite things in.

Password: buffalobuglet

Download 20.4 MB MP4 file (right/ctrl-click + "Save link as...")

Notes below the cut... )

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I've been fighting this weird rolling illness where one or two low-level symptoms will present themselves, mess with me for a little while, and then step aside for other symptoms. I'm talking stuff like wooziness, aches and pains, sore throat, congestion, low energy, etc. Never all at once. It's super weird. It's been going on for about a week now.

I'm convincing myself that my body is doing last minute upgrades to prepare for the release of Jetpack Monkey 30 in a week and a half.

I haven't been able to respond to all the comments on my Festivids yet, but I will get to every single one. Some day.

What else? [personal profile] sweetestdrain has been guiding me through some of the major vids of the past 10 years that I've missed. There are some excellent vids that I've completely missed. [Edited to add: wow I really am sick]

Finally watched Scooby Road last night, for instance. I became all sniffly during Here Comes the Sun. I like how the vids start as looks at a handful of episodes or a particular character relationship, but then expand to consider larger thematic concerns within Buffy. With that said, a lot of the power of the vid album, especially in the later tracks/vids, hinges on Buffy Summers's emotional journey holding resonance for the viewer already. Buffy's character arc was not the one that hit me when I was watching the show; I was far more invested in Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya, Giles, and, to a certain extent, Dawn. So the parts where people promised me I would be a bawling wreck I... wasn't.

Revisions on the book essay have been turned in now, so my part in that is done.

Ugh. So out of it. I'm gonna go read a book with pictures.

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There seems to be a downturn in #vidding chat lately, so I thought I would gently remind my vidding friends that it's there and awesome. Gently. With a chainsaw.

Room: #vidding

(borrowing the following from a post by [ profile] laura47)

If you don't have an IRC client and have java working, you can use the web client here:

When you enter, it will ask you for a nickname. give it one, hit enter. then type "/join #vidding". you can change your nickname by typing "/NICK vidderface" if you wanted to be vidderface. :-) To send a personal message, type "/msg username message goes here". You can also type "/me loves festivids so much!" to get "vidderface loves festivids so much!"

There are many, many clients for IRC.

I've used which works for many OSes.
Windows has
Mac OS has
I use on my android phone, and I'm sure iPhones must have a client too.

There are many guides to using IRC. Here is one.
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THING THE FIRST: Today's the last day to submit fandoms to the Pre-Festivids Fandom Rec Festival! There are nearly 70 fandoms listed, so please wander over and take a look at the masterlist, watch a couple, and then request or offer those fandoms!

THING THE SECOND: I have, of late, a sudden yen to chat online with my fellow vidders. While I do frequently lurk in the Festivids chat, I was wondering if there's any of you fine vidders who follow me that are on AIM or GTalk so I may add you and jibber jabber? Comments on this post are screened if you don't want to publicize your info. I am MagneticYapp on AIM and I don't really want to post my GTalk name on a public post, but it is Which is boring, I know.
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I'm more committed daily to making Dreamwidth my journaling home and Livejournal that place where I catch up with people who haven't moved over yet.

Please recommend some awesome folks to follow!

I'm a white, mostly-straight cis male eagerly looking to overcome his own privilege.

I am into vidding, classic horror movies, classic Hollywood, film criticism, Doctor Who, Community, Star Trek (particularly DS9), MST3K, all things Joss Whedon, Monty Python, The Prisoner, and Alias. I'm not really a shipper, because given sufficient chemistry, I am happy to see any two characters together (that said, get me started on Bashir/O'Brien sometime -- HEART).
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This year (as in vidding year, which runs from Vividcon to Vividcon), I'm going to make at least two vids that scare me a little. Beyond those two, I'm going to try to amuse myself before anyone else (and learn a few tricks while I'm at it).

I am going to do Festivids this year.

I am going to post more to Dreamwidth, talk more about fandom, watch more vids as they come out, be more friendly, leave more feedback.

In short, at Vividcon I gained new confidence as a vidder and I made all sorts of friends. I'm going to work my damnedest to keep both of these things.

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Went to LA this weekend. As per usual, it completely rocked.

Friday )

Saturday )


Man, I needed that. I feel like my system is completely reset and I'm able to handle life again.
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We had [ profile] coltsbane staying with us from Monday-Wednesday -- she arrived Monday afternoon and left Wednesday afternoon, so we only had Tuesday as our one full, proper day with her. From the list below, choose the the worst possible things to occur on Tuesday:

A) I have my first serious hangover in YEARS.
B) [ profile] midnightfae stabs herself in the leg.
C) I get food poisoning.
D) [ profile] midnightfae gets food poisoning.
E) All of the above.

If you chose E, you have accurately selected what actually happened. Two words of warning -- do not drink a heavy-on-the-rum rum and coke and a Mike's Hard Lime at the same time and avoid, when possible, the IHOP that's south of Thomas on Central Ave. in Phoenix.

Also, if you must carry a kitchen knife in a thin-material canvas bag, remove it once its purpose has been served.

Neither [ profile] midnightfae or I are fully recovered from our food poisoning experience. I think I'm actually feeling worse than I did yesterday.

Also, I was extremely late to work because we're dogsitting Abby, the Coolest Bulldog Ever, and I was running late and she really needed to go out... but not so much that she couldn't take her sweet sweet time getting her business done. Silly Abby.
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I may be just a weeeeeee bit drunk. I just made two rum and cokes -- one for me and one for [ profile] midnightfae. Same alcohol to soda ratio. Tasted okay to me, but the Roomie was like OMG TOO MUCH BOOZE NEEDS WATERING.

But it's all okay, because we have [ profile] coltsbane who has what is probably the most adorable accent ever. EVER. If you defy this supposition I will go Oncoming Storm on you. And I'll do it, too, because I look like David Tennant.

Did I mention I'd been drinking?

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Jesus, what a bash. [ profile] midnightfae's awesome secret-up-until-last-Monday birthday surprise was a three-day party with seven of my closest friends flying (or driving) in from around the country to hang. There was much booze, Rock Band, Clone High, Dr. Tran, British television, Youtube, and karaoke.

Plus, Versus. Every party that has Versus wins.

In attendance were (in order of arrival, roughly), [ profile] timjr, [ profile] theninthdoctor, [ profile] diannelamerc, [ profile] lizbetann, [ profile] faithfully_luna, [ profile] _jealousy_, and [ profile] airawyn (in addition to [ profile] midnightfae and myself).

So. Much. Fun. My friends are the awesomest.

Now I'm completely and totally wiped. Wowsers.
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I was poking through my memories when I found a two-year-old exchange betwixt [ profile] hjcallipygian and I where we discuss zombie college bands and Comic-Con.

I still want to make that movie.
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[ profile] _jealousy_ and I are cursing the name of MapQuest at the moment. It indicated 10 hour drives... yeah, right. As we pull our tired carcasses into the motel some 14 hours after we left the last motel, we realize that MapQuest is full of crap. We've pretty much had time to sleep and drive, sleep and drive.

Ugh. And we hate Oklahoma and Texas roads. They completely suck.

Otherwise, we're doing fine. Or I'm doing fine. It wouldn't be kosher to speak for her. We're doing Santa Rosa to Phoenix tomorrow and careful planning will actually allow us to get to see some scenery on the way. Hopefully.

Looking forward to crashing for the night. Later!
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Apparently, I missed snow while I was away.


Anyway. Terribly happy to have had the time to hang with [ profile] airawyn, [ profile] lizbetann, and [ profile] diannelamerc. *hugs all of 'em*

I don't want to be at work now. I want to be at home playing with my shinies.


Mar. 9th, 2006 04:22 pm
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Have arrived at LA. Using an Internet kiosk at airport (and I swear that the keyboard is just slightly non-standard to increase the usage time by fractions of a minute). About ready to head downstairs and get a cab to the screening. It doesn't start for 3 hours, but I can be a little nervous about LA rush hour traffic if I want, thank you.

[ profile] midnightfae was incredibly sweet this morning when I realized that I'd A) forgotten my cellphone charger and B) packed way too much for a single bag. She ran back to my place and got my charger and searched for another bag and brought them to me at work. Above and beyond, folks. Go and give her kudos.

OH, and to be all Doctor Who about the Slither afterparty...

"I'm the Writer, and this is [ profile] airawyn. She's my Plus 1. That all right?" *cheeky grin*
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This year, Writercon, a fan convention devoted to fanfiction writers, and Comic-Con, the single largest geek convention on planet Earth (with an attendance that exceeds the population of my hometown which has about 100k people), are taking place on the same weekend in late July. Poor planning, I say. I'm trying to gauge my flist's preference on this one (and non-flist is welcome too! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your frenemies!).

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