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Title: Closer
Fandom: Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
Music: Closer by Tegan and Sara
Summary: 'I won't treat you like you're typical'
Notes: Premiered at Club Femslash 2019. Password = AurumCalendulaVids
Warnings: physical triggers

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if not for bad luck...

Feb. 17th, 2019 11:01 am
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let's review:

ice storm
power out
heat out
water out


problems with the remediation from all the above
my sister lost her mentor unexpectedly
my nieces and sister have had the flu for SIX DAYS WTF
my BIL had surgery and his two day recovery is...not

When I am the healthiest, most upright person in the household, things are concerning. And *I* have had a loss (though not as close to me as the good twin) and really bad job stuff and am sliding into depression. So that's great. But, you know. I'm needed so I'm compartmentalizing.
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Vidder: Kitty aka [personal profile] winterevanesce 
 Don’t Worry
Fandom: Anna and the Apocalypse
Genre(s): Zombie Apocalypse, Dark Comedy, Dance, Action
Song/Artist: Don’t Worry by Madcon
Software(s): Vegas Pro 14
Characters/Pairings: Anna Shepherd, John, Steph North, Chris Wise, Lisa, Nick
Summary: “We can own the night, don’t worry about a thing.”
Stream/Download/Notes: AO3 | Website | Tumblr
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A python script I wrote passed code review on Friday, with a comment that I may want to run it through a style checker or linter to address the (rampant) non-python-isms. So I installed pylint on my local machine, downloaded the script from the prod box, and ran it. Now, for context, this script is 30 lines long, with half of that comments or whitespace.

Pylint gave my script a score of -6.1/10. Which is fricking hilarious, honestly. My initial efforts to improve it got nowhere so I merged it as-is and told my reviewer I intend to go back and clean it up at some indeterminate future point (another item on my infinite to-do list).

On my way home I had my music on Epic Shuffle (all artists & all genres on random) to look for a vid song for that PyCon vid. A song came on with a prechorus that sounds very close to what I said to pylint, the kinds of things programmers everywhere say to programming language compilers and interpreters:
> What the uff do you know?
> Who the hell are you though?
> I didn't even ask for your advice
> And do you think I care?

The chorus I can interpret as "ugly hacks are 100% valid solutions", the verses are vaguely about bravery & caution, the overall structure is such that I could cut it as short or as long as I want, so tada I have a vid song. (Take What You Take, by Lily Allen) This vid may actually happen, and not be terrible.

Dark Games: One Night on the Road

Feb. 16th, 2019 04:05 pm
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One Night on the Road is a classic example of "we have a palette of four colors: Grey, black, dark blue, and dark green. We will expand this with pale blue and pale red but only as tiny fragments in the distance." The developer's native language is not English (I have reason to believe it's Russian), which normally isn't a problem, except that it didn't occur to them to find an English beta reader to check their Steam listing text:
One Night On The Road is a quest where you play as a character who ran out of gas in a small town. In search of fuel, he finds a shop where he knock you out down and found himself in a small house. You need to look for items that will help you to get out of the house and leave town.
This looks like an asset flip, the video game equivalent of making a book of nothing but Wikipedia articles. (Okay, the assets aren't all free. It's the video game equivalent of a picture book of royalty-free photographs purchased from istockphoto.) In this one, it looks like they bought a "small town at night" package and maybe threw in some combat details.

A small town with streetlights in the distance

This showed up on my feed because it's tagged "Hidden Object." I like hidden object games. This... does not look like a hidden object game. Normal hidden object games are like Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink (a delightful steampunk-ish HO game) or the Nightmares from the Deep series (also delightful - ghost pirates). Less-normal HO games include weird mobile and Facebook games that add an energy-use mechanism, so you collect "gems" and need to recharge them to do the searches.

This... this does not look like it has any hidden object features at all. Nothing in the trailer (which involves "driving through spooky empty town at night") or the screencaps implies there are any search-for-items scenes. This might be a point-and-click adventure, or it could be a combat-survival game where you have to find weapons, but mostly it looks like a walking sim.

The publisher's other game is a combat-heavy MMORPG with microtransactions; it's a year older and pretty much everyone who tried it, hates it. I suspect the only reason ONotR isn't full of hate-reviews is that nobody buys walking-sim HO games just because they show in in the queue. The walking-sim and HO fans, like me, tend to be more selective than MMO players who will grab anything under $10 with the right keywords.

Violent MMORPG players are not (necessarily) less interested in quality, but their ideas of what "quality" means is different. "Has no real plot" is often not a strong negative; "has great shoot-em-up scenes" can outweigh that. For the walking sim people, there has to be a reason to get this game and not just replay Gone Home or Home Is Where One Starts. Both of those are charming. This? This is not charming. This looks like, at best, the opening act of a real game.
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Knightmares. Epic arc scraping at the soul of Batman. -- Tom King

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No Mercy | Multifandom

Feb. 16th, 2019 07:16 pm
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Title: No Mercy
Fandom: Multifandom
Music: No Mercy by Heather Peace
Summary: 'You've got me thinking reckless things/ Of how to stay in your game/ And I want to stay in your game'
Notes: Premiered at TGIFemslash 2019.
Warnings: physical triggers, a couple of dubcon kisses, a lot of characters pointing guns at each other and themselves (none of the ladies get shot or killed)

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TGIF/F Bonus Vidshow

Feb. 16th, 2019 03:03 pm
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Greetings from the 4th annual TGIFemslash convention!

In addition to curating the official TGIF/F Femslash Vidshow, this year staff was also so kind as to let me play a little bonus vidshow last night put together of some vids that couldn't fit in the main show.  Here they are, with links:
Please show the vidders some love if you like what you saw!  And vidders, please let me know if you'd like any edits to the links I've included above <3

(no subject)

Feb. 16th, 2019 03:05 pm
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The hackerschool rejection was not, on its own, that bad. Its a high caliber place, the whole thing's free so they probably get a ton of applicants, the super fast timeline on the application process cuts down on stress, and I can always reapply in a few months. But it did get me thinking about life, a person's life, as an atomic piece of time, something I normally try very hard not to think about. I don't know how to be okay with all the things I haven't done, all the infinite branching lives I cannot possibly have fit into one single life, but knowing its an absurd irrational shame doesn't dull it. I'm mostly okay now, after only a few days of wallowing, which is bizarre in its own way, the relative sanity that reflects.

I did realize there was one question the hackerschool interview never asked and I never answered. If I only write code at work and not at home, what kind of assurance do they have that I'll write code at hackerschool as though it is work and not home? Which seems like a reasonable concern! But one that's hard to explain without sounding like a crazy person. Which I am, crazy that is, so I try to put it into words that way, and perhaps sanitize it later.

I don't work for people. I work for The Company, and every day going into work is upkeep to maintain it. The offices, the coworkers, the customers, its all more than the sum of its parts. When I commute to work I'm more confident that the company office will be there than I am that my apartment will still be the way I left it when I return home. At work I write code because there's not much call for sitting around celebrating the last success; for that matter, the successes are rarely things that impact me personally in any way. At home I have other priorities (making art, watching bad television) that programming could improve but it would take time away from what I care about more.

(If I do reapply, next time I'll take into consideration that they assume the name you want to go by is `$FullName =~ s/^([^\s]+)\s.*$/$1/` (which is a complicated way to say "the first word; everything before the first space").) (I would legit enjoy a job that was 100% regex, I am definitely insane.)

Incidentally, at some point in the past five years I leveled up my programming... ego, I guess you could call it. I started out hoping my code would be perfect the first time and disappointed when it inevitably was not. I soon got to the point of expecting errors but still hoping for clean runs. These days, a combination of experience and a habit of writing small iterative changes means that 99% of the times I run code its not for the final success, its to learn what I should focus on next. I can, and have, run tests 60 times an hour, to make inching progress on a complex problem. Half the time when I run a test and it shows the correct final result I spend the next five minutes reading over the code to verify it wasn't a fluke. Success is unexpected, errors are necessary.
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Title:  Real Love
"Real Love" by Florrie
Power Rangers (2017) - includes deleted scenes
Kim/Trini, aka Trimberly or Pink Lemonade (femslash)
  Premiered at TGIFemslash on February 15, 2019.

DW Vidpost | AO3 Vidpost
includes streaming, download link, full notes

George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards #4

Feb. 16th, 2019 02:27 am
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"I wanted to tell a story that had the darkness and grittiness that's fairly classic Wild Cards, but that was also small and personal like Demo and the best of Astro City." - Daniel Abraham, co-creator of The Expanse

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There was a monster called Rex-O.

Feb. 15th, 2019 10:56 pm
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He'd been sent after some kids.

They'd been saved from him by the psiot Livewire, looking into what Toyo Harada'd left behind.

She wanted to know more about Rex-O, so she dove into the dark web.

" Rex-O. What is your story? "


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