Can't Sleep

Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:05 am
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Want to sleep. Can't sleep. Need sleep. Can't sleep. Where are you, sleep?


Aug. 5th, 2008 12:41 am
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I've been having these really vivid nightmares again, usually within the first half-hour after I fall asleep.

They suck.

Weirdly, I haven't really watched any horror films lately. Maybe they keep me sane or something?
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I get more sleep last night than I usually do and you're all like, "Hi, I will nod off for the first hour+ of work, because obviously I am now a greedy whore." My body is not tired. This is definitely my brain grasping for more Zs.

I wonder if this has anything to do with my dream where I was dressed as Jesus, riding a pony down Hitler Street, and cracking bad Jesus puns with the populace.
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Good news: NaNo wordcount at 14275 as of midnight 11/4. This means I've officially surpassed my 2003 and 2004 numbers for the entire month of November (I skipped 2005). I'm solidly on my way to winning this year, barring tragedy or extreme silliness.

Bad news: I was stupid and bought a white chocolate mocha around 9:30 tonight and spent the next hour and a half work my way through it. Rough upshot is that I'm still wide awake. In about four hours, I'll have been up for 24 hours straight.

Good news: The coding book I bought about design patterns on Friday is completely awesome. It talks like people learn.

Bad news: It failed to mention anywhere on the cover that it's Java-specific and that knowledge of Java was necessary to work through any of the more complex concepts.

Good news: Returned book and bought another one specifically geared to PHP.


Sep. 13th, 2006 07:46 am
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I got 1.5 fitful hours of sleep last night. At one point, I even started doing Algebra (with some Geometry tossed in) just to see if it would put me to sleep. It didn't.

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Phooey. My sleeping powers are gone.


Aug. 29th, 2006 08:16 am
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Sitting here, waiting for my flight to board, sleep deprived...

But I'll be in Wisconsin in a couple a few several hours and there will be [ profile] _jealousy_. Joy! very much sleeping on the airplane, though. Guh. *falls over*
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I've been experiencing some pretty freaked out nightmares lately. Pretty bad ones, too. In color, with full detail, and I'm in complete control of myself, but not my enviroment. What's weirdest about these nightmares is that they usually happen within the first half-hour (sometimes the first 20 minutes) of my going to bed, and they're usually frighteningly real.

Tonight was particularly bad. I started off with a dream where I got a headache that could be described as screamingly painful, so much so that I was doubled-over on the floor, wracked with pain. Then, I woke up... but I didn't. My bed, my bedroom... everything was in perfect detail... but I found out when I woke up again after some odd things occured that it had been a dream. What's worse is that the second "wake up" was also into a dream. Finally, I actually did wake up. And then shrugged and went back to sleep.

I had another odd, unnerving dream almost immediately, and then I woke up... but my body kept moving in circles. Another dream. So then I woke up, and this time I was sure I was awake. The clock reflected a reasonable time, my bedroom was exactly as it should have been, down to the traffic noises... except none of my lights worked. I fled into a panic outside, and screamed... and had all my neighbors yell back at me about keeping it down. I realized soon enough that this was another dream... but I couldn't tell, not for certain. The fact that I couldn't wake up was a big point against it being a dream. It wasn't until I actually woke up again that I realized the difference between the two types of "reality."

All of this occured between 11:30 (when I went to bed) and 12:00PM. This is not the first night something like this has happened to me, and I'm really desperately afraid to go back to sleep now, because I don't know what will happen next or how much reality will change on me and I won't be able to tell...
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Tech support on Sundays is so mind-numbing. And I got not-enough-sleep last night due to player issues (thankfully resolved to the satisfaction of all, but still). Anyway.

I'm never around, so uh -- let me know what's going on. Or just bother me. I like being bothered.
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I haven't been sleeping well lately. I've been dragging my butt to work on 5-6 hours of sleep on the good nights, less on the bad. Also, I'm starting to get addicted to the utter cheese that is "Kolchak: The Night Stalker." No, not that Stuart Townsend whatever... the real Kolchak. With Darren McGavin. I have the complete series on DVD. It wins at cheese (and X-Files Inspiring Goodness).

If you ever stop by, this month we're running a review every day M-F. As long as my sanity holds, anyway.

Also, my pup lost the Student Council elections over at [ profile] fandomhigh. Actually, my entire ticket died save one. Eeesh.
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Can't get a wink of shuteye. No matter how exhausted I am while I'm up, the minute my head hits the pillow I start getting this weird feeling of mild anxiousness. I don't know what's causing it. I'm literally thinking of nothing. Cleared my head. Boom. Nothing. And still I'm not allowed to go to sleep. I have to be up at 7:30, latest.

There's something troubling me, obviously, that I'm repressing or keeping down. I can't imagine what, though...
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Well, today's going to be bloody interesting. I couldn't fall asleep until 1:30 in the morning. Le sigh.

On an upnote, tonight's my first night rehearsing in Level 3 at Jester'Z. I'm super-stoked about having moved up. I just hope that five straight hours of practice won't kill me after not enough sleep.


Feb. 10th, 2005 03:24 am
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I can't sleep. Which, you know, I can deal with a day of work after one night of sleeplessness... but this is the fourth night in a row of subpar sleep. To which my usual solution is calling in sick to catch up... which I can't do, because I took a day and a half off last week due to illness.

Gr. Argh.

ETA: I totally get today's Questionable Content. I've written versions of Faye's Dora's third panel dialogue in my journal more than once. I wish I could get a dog so I could project my insecurities better...
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Must be the caffeine from my HUGE motherfucking Mr. Pibb at Kill Bill v.2, but I'm both incredibly drained of all life energy, and completely unable to sleep. I suspect that upcoming travel plans and excitement related to them may also be contributing to the wide-eyedness.

Little things that perk up your life and make you go, Hey - I'm so cool. At the KBv2 screening tonight, a girl (in her late teens by my guess), purposely sat next to me in the theater which was in no way filled to the brim. She was with her parents, so they might have chosen the seating, but I still thought this was somewhat neat, as a female who I do not know has never picked a theater seat next to my own if there are plenty of other seating options.

Isolated weirdness? I wouldn't bring it up if it was.

I kept catching her *looking* at me, in that shy, no I'm not really looking at you I just was looking at a point just past you really way. Now, I'm no Ewan McGregor, but I'm very passable in the looks department. I've got the emo chic look going for me. I go to grab my soda and accidentally brush her elbow, and she starts apologizing, blushing, and *giggling*.

The extra-interesting thing about all of this was, except for the apologizing and a tossed-off "I'm bored" midway through the film? The girl spoke French. Random comments before, during, and after the film. All in the Gallic tongue.

I'm rather flattered by all of this. For one thing, it makes me realize how cool my girlfriend is - she wouldn't be that squeaky. Secondly, dude - girls don't crush on me for my looks. Or if they do, they've been very, very secretive about it. I'm usually attractive because of my wit and personality. The whole handsome devil thing just gets to be a bonus.

So, yes. French girl who was fairly attractive had an "OMG he's hawt" thing going on there. I should totally learn the language and write all of my novels in French. If this is any indication of their taste? I could be the next Jerry Lewis. But, you know, as a writer. And not as Jerry Lewis.

I think Megan/Xoe noticed it to, because she asked me, what was up with that girl next to you at the movie?

Speaking of Megan, I've really quite impressed with her. She's always been very self-possessed. She just got through a rather nasty break-up in January, and she's been very strong on the point that a relationship that lasted as long as hers had (2.5 years) just isn't recovered from that quickly. She's dating a little, but mostly she's interested in building a life for herself again. To quote, "I just got done having my heart smashed into little pieces. I'm not going to bring something in just yet that could smash it even smaller." She's being incredibly smart about it - but she's always been very good about human nature, especially her own.

Megan's got a lot of Dad in her - the fact that she holds no regrets, that she believes in everything she does completely. But she's different from Dad in that her lack of regret comes from an understanding that everything that goes wrong is a learning experience to be examined, instead of somebody else's fault that needs to be mocked in private company. She's very willful, but rarely speaks poorly of others. Not my father (who she has every right to hate), not her ex-girlfriend (who screwed her over pretty badly), nobody.

In a lot of ways, I look up to her. Which is weird because she is my little sister. 'bout the only area where she looks up to me is my musical taste. She keeps on asking me to burn her CDs.

She makes no bones about the fact that she thinks I'm overly pretentious, but I tend to make few bones about it. I am a pretense-laden guy. It's how I keep doing what I love. I run on pure hubris just to get to the next word, the next chapter.

I do, however, fail to understand completely why on Earth she legally changed her name to Xoe. The mind boggles. Boggles, I tell you.

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