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Festivids 2015 dropped a week ago, but I haven't had a chance to make a post. So here it is.

First of all, I received *FOUR* vids this year. Honestly, I'm absolutely flummoxed and gratified that these even exist. That they are all amazing in their own way is just f**king sweet.

What's especially awesome is that there are now THREE vids for the 1977 what-the-eff-did-I-just-watch masterpiece Hausu that didn't exist before, and they all come from different angles:

Great White Cat (unexpected instrumental music choice works amazingly well)
A Happy Song Where Everybody Dies (bulletproof music kink + dark humor = EEEE)
Rock Lobster (lyrical resonance makes everything MORE WTF, not less)

None of the vids are safe-for-work and they all contain copious amounts of blood (well, red water). Also your brain my never be the same again.

Last but under no circumstances least is a vid for The Mummy (1932);

Love Lockdown

Oh my heart. This is exactly the kind of vid I was hoping for when I requested the source, but it exceeded all of my expectations by using a Kanye West song that dug to the eternal soul of the material. Plus more Boris Karloff vids are never a bad.

I haven't had a chance to do as much viewing as I'd like, but here are some of the vids that I really dug this year:

For the sake of ongoing mystery, I am not reccing anything that I have been guessed for. We'll see how those guesses turn out in a week.
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Critical Role - sure it's just an archived livestream of a D&D game with too many players. Sure each episode runs between 2 and 5 hours. BUT -- all of the players are accomplished voice actors and the DM is absolutely committed to every NPC and every monster. I never thought I would fistpump so hard at a static tableau of people sitting at a table.

I'm on episode 4 right now and it's amazing! And it makes for good work background.

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Festivids is nearly here! Now is the time for all good vidders to start looking at their favorite small vidding fandoms and say, "Man, I hope somebody else has seen this thing."

That's where the Pre-Festivids Fandom Rec Festival comes in! Get the word out now and you might get someone else to become obsessive about your favorite thing! Or just find that there are others who love it too, so you can feel encouraged that you won't be the only one requesting/offering it.

How It Works:

Leave a comment in this post (either the Dreamwidth or Livejournal variety) with the name of a fandom you're thinking about offering and/or requesting. If there's multiple possible versions, be sure to be specific (leaving a link to an IMDb or Wikipedia page is useful).

You can also leave a quick description (1-2 sentences) of why the source is awesome and I'll add that to the fandom's entry in Festival master list. If there's a longer description, I may pluck out a short teaser and then link to the rest of the comment.


The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (2010) -- In this wacky comic book adventure set in the 1910s, intrepid writer Adèle Blanc-Sec faces pterodactyls, mummies, and the patriarchy with equal measures of irritation and determination. Director Luc Besson provides the exhilarating and vivid visuals for this hilarious and weird caper.

So comment away and I'll add your recs to the list behind the cut below.


Leave your own fandom suggestions in the comments!

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So! Festivids have been up for nearly two weeks now. I've been slowly picking through and I have some recs.

First I want to talk about the vids that were made for me and why they are examples of everything I love about Festivids. In the lead-up to GoLive, [ profile] elipie and I would try to guess what the other would receive. She and I agreed that I'd probably end up getting a vid for one of the more modern fandoms and that I might, might, might get a single vid for either The Thin Man series or Space Patrol Orion.

I didn't get one vid. I got three. One Thin Man and TWO Space Patrol Orion. Only in Festivids, folks. Only. In. Festivids.

The two SPO vids have atypical music choices that just really work.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
by [personal profile] thirdblindmouse  - 1966 German sci-fi to 2001 French electronica? Hell yes! Daft Punk have always had a weird future-past streak in their music, a tinge of the 1970s as interpreted from the 2070s (or vice versa). So as strange as the pairing might seem at first, it is absolutely appropriate to the subject matter. This vid really takes advantage of some of the more creative camerawork in the series while using rapid edits to cut through some of the more static sequences and enliven them. Awesome use of transitions and musicality.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Other Guys by [ profile] valika56  - Now we move to era-appropriate music (1967), but a complete genre-bender. Ennio Morricone's theme for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is iconic and conjures images of wide-sprawling deserts and a dust-covered Clint Eastwood chomping on a cigar. Putting it to Space Patrol Orion seems almost sacrilegious, except that it makes a lot of sense. Space shows, especially in the 1960s, were just as much about the frontier as anything. There are still fistfights, showdowns, heavy drinking, and exciting chases. Oh and the "bad" guy gets the "good" girl. Some really great cutting here, some of which is appropriate and some of which plays with the song a bit and subverts expectations. I really dug it.

And last, but in no way least, the Thin Man vid: I Was Made for Sunny Days by [personal profile] thirdblindmouse. This is an entirely appropriate and lovely music choice for a vid that really demonstrates just how freakin' adorable the chemistry between Nick and Nora really is. A charming love song for a charming series, with lovely moments of the two leads strewn throughout. This vid is an utter delight and it's so good to see some love come to these movies through Festivids.

Some other recs from this year (limiting myself to 20 or so):

Feeling Good by Mithborien (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Run The World by elipie (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
How Does It Feel? by Joyo (Almost Famous)
This Could All Be Yours by fan_eunice (Big)
Never Seen the Light of Day by vi0lace (BioShock Infinite)
Ah Ha by sol_se (Deep Blue Sea)
Who Are You, Really? by obsessive24 (Dredd)
Waterfall by Gianduja Kiss (Gattaca)
Who Shall I Say Is Calling? by Trelkez (Ghostwatch)
All We Got by Anoel (The Great Gatsby)
Ride With Me by elipie (The Heat)
9 to 5 by eruthros (Lego Star Wars)
A Night Like This by thirdblindmouse (Marx Brothers)
Dirtee Disco by Nancy Blackett (The Muppets)
Love Can Move Mountains by Nancy Blackett (The Muppets)
Feel The Love by echan (Portal series)
Toxic by Rhoboat (The Red Shoes)
What I Like About You by Deirdre C.(RPF - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis)
(You Drive Me) Crazy by CherryIce (Sharknado)
Wherever You Will Go by Rhoboat (Wallace and Gromit)

There you go! I also made some Festivids this year. Not running a guessing game, because I think my vids are fairly obvious (OR ARE THEY) (they are).

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The BBC has released a minisode prologue for The Day of the Doctor titled "Night of the Doctor".

I had to pause it at around 0:20 so I could squee and flail at [personal profile] echan, who was very amused by my squeeing and flailing. Then I went back and watched the rest and kept on squeeing and flailing.

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Someone went and made a fan trailer for Fleet and Flotilla, Tali's favorite epic romance movie, which she watches with Shepherd in the Citadel DLC. The fake movie (and now actual fan-made trailer) is all about the forbidden love between a quarian and a turian against the backdrop of war.

Seriously, I teared up.

Some of the footage is pulled from Mass Effect 3 related resources, so, um, spoiler warning I guess?

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UPDATE FINAL: The rec festival is closed to new entries. Now go nominate some fandoms!

Update, 2013/09/12: The masterlist has been reorganized by media type (movies, television, web/other). Probable safeties are noted with a "*".

Update, 2013/09/04:  Festivids nominations open on September 20th, so the recs festival will close on September 20th. Plenty of time to get your recs in!


It has returned! The unofficial Pre-Festivids Fandom Rec Festival is here!

What the heck is the Pre-Festivids Fandom Rec Festival?

I am glad you asked! Let's start with the basics!

[community profile] festivids is an annual vid exchange for small fandoms. Think Yuletide, but for fanvids! I couldn't possibly get into the full description here, so take it away, community profile page.

Last year, [personal profile] trelkez / [ profile] trelkez had a great idea that maybe we should do some sort of rec festival ahead of time. In the month leading up to Festivids fandom nominations, we list some of the fandoms/sources we're thinking about requesting, so we can all watch them ahead of time and go, "Hell yeah I could make a vid out of that" or "OMG THIS IS THE BEST, someone should make me a vid!" and then offer/request said fandoms.

Sounds great! How do I participate?

Leave a comment in this post (either the Dreamwidth or Livejournal variety) with the name of a fandom you're thinking about offering and/or requesting. If there's multiple possible versions, be sure to be specific (leaving a link to an IMDb or Wikipedia page is useful).

You can also leave a quick description (1-2 sentences) of why the source is awesome and I'll add that to the fandom's entry in Festival master list. If there's a longer description, I may pluck out a short teaser and then link to the rest of the comment.


Raumpatrouille / Space Patrol Orion
-- This is an amazing black & white space adventure series from West Germany that aired around the same time as Star Trek. It has a semi-serialized storyline, crazy visuals, a lovable cast of characters (including Commander McLane, who is the King of Snark), and it's easy to get into because it only has seven episodes!

So comment away and I'll add your recs to the list behind the cut below.


Leave your own fandom suggestions in the comments!
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Fiasco and vid recs!

Fiasco Game 2 )

Fiasco Game 3 )

After the games ended, I wandered the hotel a bit looking for people to say goodbye to and found... very few of them. It was eerily quiet for not even being midnight yet. Eventually I just gave up and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up, hugged some people at breakfast, then started the long, arduous journey back to Los Angeles via plane.

Overall, a very good con. I am in hug withdrawal right now. I was spoiled for hugs at the con and now there are very few hugs. I want more hugs! HUUUUGS.


It was lovely seeing all of the people that I saw. I am sad that there are a few people who I was really looking forward to hanging out with who I just didn't end up having the time to really connect with. Next year!

And now, have 20 vid recs... )
Just shy of twelve months until Vividcon 2014!

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I have been a terrible friend, you guys. I have been watching and enjoying something and I haven't told you.

I am so sorry.

So, the guys behind the Penny Arcade empire decided to try their hand at reality television. Except, being the Penny Arcade empire, they put it on the Internet. It's called Strip Search and the goal is to find the next great webcomic. The winner gets $15K and a year embedded at the Penny Arcade offices, with all the support that implies.

The show had its finale yesterday and I'm super-pleased with the result. Not just who won, but just the whole show leading up to it. A group of webcomics artists came in to compete with one another, but somehow also became a family and found a home with people who had previously been strangers.

There were very few "I'm not here to make friends" moments and there was an episode largely devoted to one contestant having a crisis when they figured out that Strip Search just did not work like what they were used to seeing on television. The contestants and, in one very interesting twist, the contest runners actively defied anything that didn't serve the show's stated purpose of finding the best webcomic artist. There was just too much love and earnestness running around for cynicism.

You can watch the entire show on the website (which is spoiler-free except where marked)

It's 31 episodes which run between 15-30 minutes each. Each day encompasses three episodes, typically. First there's a social challenge, which is a fun sort of icebreaker. Then there's the main challenge, which involves some aspect of the webcomics business. Then there's the elimination challenge, which I won't spoil.
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*ahem* As I said in my con report, the highlight of Escapade was a multisource Mario Bava vid that Franzeska made for me (me me me) that screened at my birthday party.

Franzeska has released the vid to the rest of the world to be appreciated and adored.

However, I feel that I would be remiss in not showing you folks exactly how I received the vid the first time I watched it. Luckily [ profile] jumpercut shot video of me reacting to the vid, which I have synced with the video itself and put online. It's below. It starts as just the vid, but my reaction pops up at 0:48 and continues until the end of the vid.

Password: bavasqueak

Jetpack Monkey Reacts to Franzeska's Bava Vid on Vimeo.

I accept that I am a ridiculous human being (with appalling posture). However, more importantly, Franzeska is made of win.
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There was an excellent helping of horror vids in Festivids this year and I'm taking credit for all of them. ALL.

I kid. But I am super-pleased that not only were there so many horror vids, but they were all uniformly excellent.

You want a list? Have a list! Chronological by source because I am CRAZY (also note that my definition of horror is flexible and often comes down to "because I said so"):

Getaway (The Black Cat - 1934)
 -- made for me me me
Wolfsbane (Wolf Man series)
Ingenue (Cat People/Curse of the Cat People)
Made You Move (Eyes without a Face) -- made for me me me
Another One Bites The Dust (Kolchak the Night Stalker) -- made for me me me
If I Was A Great White Shark (Jaws series)
For You (Carrie - 1976)
Love on Top (Carrie - 1976)
Stayin' Low! (Alien series)
Play It Straight (The Stuff)
dance anthem of the 80's (The Lost Boys)
Under Pressure (Shaun of the Dead)
Lullaby for a Stormy Night (Pan's Labyrinth) -- okay, not really horror, sue me, it made me cry
The Birds and the Bees (The Wicker Man - 2006)
Angel (Splice)
Chop Suey (Kill List)
face at the window (The Woman in Black - 2012)
Feel Dead Inc. (Cabin in the Woods)
Layers (Cabin in the Woods)

Go. Watch. Many of them are scary. Many of them are fun. Some of them will rip your heart apart and stomp on it (I am looking at you Eyes Without a Face and Pan's Labyrinth vids). Many of them are twisted wrong wrong wrong (Spliiiiiice).

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By no means complete -- I haven't seen most of the vids yet (and I'm holding off on doing most of the horror vids until I can sort of group them and maybe watch them in chronological order of source -- either that or I made all of them).

Stayin' Low! (Alien series)
Just Send a Wish Out in the Dark (Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes)
We Must Be Killers (The Defiant Ones)
We're Here Because We're Here (Journey - 2012 video game)
Show Me Heaven (The Good the Bad and the Ugly)
Living In A Box (Maru the Cat)
Brush Your Shoulders Off (Matilda)
Raise Your Weapon (Mirror's Edge)
Enter the Circus (MirrorMask)
Sabotage (Mission: Impossible movies)
Give Me Everything (Parks & Recreation)
Rosencrantz And Guildenstern are (Still Alive) (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead)
Angel (Splice)
What No Angel Knows (Wings of Desire)

I've seen maybe 20% of the masterlist tops. This year's crop of vids has been so so good, though that it's hard not reccing everything.

More recs as I watch more vids.

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This year for Festivids, my request list was for eight fandoms that were fairly obscure and I thought to myself, "If only one of these fandoms gets a vid, it will be magic."

Guys. Guys. You guys. GUYS! MAGIC. TIMES. THREE. I received three vids! All from horror fandoms! Two from black and white sources! One with mothereffing Carl Kolchak!

Getaway (The Black Cat - 1934)
-- Karloff and Lugosi are funky in this fast-paced, superfun vid! 

Another One Bites the Dust (Kolchak: The Night Stalker - 1974) - A great overview of the show that really captures the Kolchakness.

Made You Move (Eyes without a Face) - A poetic, moving vid that really captures the tragedy and sublime beauty of Franju's film.

Thank you so much anonymous vidmakers. You really made my Festivids!


This year I made six vids. If you guess two or more correctly, I will record a short podfic (up to 1000 words) in my Christopher Lee voice. This may or may not be an incentive. Guesses should go in the Guess the Festividder post.

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The Future (Doctor Who) by [ profile] bradcpu  -- Takes a fandom I'm very familiar with and says, "No, look at it this way. See, isn't that better? And by better, I mean YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME PUNY MORTAL." Really screwed with my head and re-contextualized a lot of Asylum of the Daleks.

On the flipside, there's Good Gone Girl by [personal profile] thirdblindmouse (Man from U.N.C.L.E.), which is a fandom I know almost nothing about, but this works as a lighthearted compulsively rewatchable guide to the various female guest stars of Season 1. I dig it a lot.

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EDIT: The festival is closed to new entries! Please check over the amazing list in this post, watch some stuff and maybe, just maybe add them to your nominations/requests/offers for Festivids!


EDIT: Wow, this has been amazing! However, it's been so amazing, that I'm going to have to put an end date on it. I'll be taking new additions through 11:59PM Pacific Time on September 13th. Why the 13th? Because nominations for Festivids begin on September 14th over at! Be sure to watch some of the amazing sources recommended in this post and factor them into your offers and requests!


Festivids is approaching! Do you have that fandom that you've always wanted to see a vid from, but you're afraid you're the only person who's ever seen it? Now's the time to get the word out that this awesome thing exists, so others can be drawn into your madness and request or offer that fandom.

My initial post on this is here. Leave a comment there or here with more fandoms for this list. Or make your own post and send me a link!

The masterlist is below. I'm only crediting the person who actually put it up if they had some comment on it. Links are for the IMDb for films and television (except where I can't find a good IMDb page, like for Capital Scandal). Other media will have links dependent on the source itself.

Masterlist under here... )
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This is all [personal profile] trelkez's fault idea fault. In the month leading up to Festivids fandom nominations, we should list some of the fandoms/sources we're thinking about requesting, so we can all watch them ahead of time and go, "Hell yeah I could make a vid out of that" or "OMG THIS IS THE BEST, someone should make me a vid!" and then offer/request said fandoms.

Think of it as a festival of new fandoms. I will start off. You can leave your own potential requests in the comments here or make a post in your own journal. If you do post in your own journal, leave a link here. I will probably whip up some sort of masterlist if we have enough participants!

Fandoms/sources I am considering requesting:

After Hours (1985, film) -- Martin Scorsese (yup) directs a madcap everything-that-can-go-wrong-does comedy. It's awesome.
The Black Cat (1934, film) -- Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in a battle of wits fueled by vengeance.
Black Sunday (1960, film) -- Barbara Steele in a gorgeous Mario Bava movie.
Eyes without a Face (1960, film) -- French horror film that is both clinical and balletic at once.
The Howling (1981, film) -- Werewolves. Fuck yeah.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974, TV) -- X-Files before there were X-Files.
Lisa and the Devil (1973, film) -- Another Bava film. Trippy as all hell (and just as problematic, admittedly). Gorgeous and macabre.
Modern Times (1936, film) -- Charlie Chaplin FTW.

Leave your own lists in the comments or in a post in your own journal (and leave me a link in the comments so I can track it)!

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Last year I think I recced 30 vids total. This year I am cutting that down to 13, because if I recced all of the good vids, I would rec pretty much the entire con's worth. These are the vids that really hit me, made me feel, hung out in my brain.

Here they are in a completely random sort of order )
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Hello friends! Been a busy busy couple of weeks. I've been writing my very last review for, catching up on this Game of Thrones thing (isn't Tyrion awesome? He's totally awesome) and hugging my new iPad and calling it Acquanetta. Because that's its name.

I watched the entire first season of New Girl. At first it was this thing I did and I didn't know why. I didn't like the title character and the supporting cast was marginally interesting. But I kept watching. And eventually I found that I loved the show and I really liked all the characters, even the main character. Looking forward to Season 2.

Game of Thrones owns my soul. It is so amazing. However, unlike New Girl, I'm sharing the experience with [personal profile] echan , so it's kind of slow-going. I am only up to episode 8 of Season 1. That said, I am reading the books at the same time and may eventually surpass my place in the series. I'm up to roughly episode five in the first book.

I have abandoned my planned Vividcon Premiere. I'll be whipping up something else instead, hopefully.

Going to the Stanley Cup Final Game 4 on Wednesday thanks to a raffle at work. Hoping to get into hockey through the experience.

Some awesome Thor vids that I have loved:

Everything You Ever by [personal profile] airawyn (Loki focus, plus bonus Iron Man vid on the same page)
Somebody That I Used to Know (Sweet Dreams remix) by [personal profile] talitha78 (Thor/Loki)
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I had to limit myself to 25 or I'd rec everything. Even then, I cheated a little. If there were two vids that worked nicely in tandem in the same fandom, I counted them as one. So slightly more than 25! Vids marked *sniffle* made me choke up or cry.

Long Night's Journey into Day (28 Days Later)
a message for you (Big Fish) *sniffle*
Inside Out (Can’t Hardly Wait)
Little Bad Girl (Cry-Baby)
Sexy Back (Die Hard series)
Awake My Soul (Doctor Who - 1963-1989) *sniffle*
Doomsday and 4th of July (Independence Day) *sniffle* for the second one
Children’s Work (Life)
Find Your Way (Love Me If You Dare) *sniffle*
Outside the Box and Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag (Maru the Cat)
Rockabilly Kenpoh (MASH)
Walking on Sunshine (Miranda)
Bloom in Adversity (Mulan) *sniffle*
Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me (Mythbusters)
Better Smeg Than Dead (Red Dwarf)
Blow (Revenge)
I Can't Hold Back and Livin' On A Prayer (Rocky series)
Tom Cruise Crazy (Singin' in the Rain)
Lotus Flower (Solaris - 1972)
Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full of Promise (Stand By Me) *sniffle*
Jailbreak (Star Wars Original Trilogy)
Shine (Thelma & Louise)
Sabotage (The Unusuals)
OMG (Warehouse 13)
Firework (Whip It) *sniffle*

As always, I can't rec the vids I received enough: Devils Haircut (Martin) and (Fargo) for the First Time (Eureka).

I'm still taking guesses on which vids I made here (or here for LJ). Deadline is next Friday. Next Saturday, Reveals happen and any guesses at that point are pretty much cheating.

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More recs, this time from Club Vivid, Challenge, and the various themed vidshow Premieres.

Read more... )

So that's everything from the DVDs! As with every Vividcon, there were a lot of great vids from past years played, but I so don't have the brainspace to start making recs on those.

To bed with me now. Or... well, after I finish editing a review for Then bed.

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