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I think my days of vidding with any regularity are narrowing to a close. And it's because I am very bad at listening to music. You'd think this is something that one couldn't actually suck at, but it is and I do.

I don't listen to music, really. I don't put on iTunes and listen to favorite tracks or check out a new artist. It never occurs to me to do so and even now, I'm blanking on a scenario where listening to music for funsies would be something I would do instead of anything else.

The only time I listen to music is when I'm actively trawling for vidding material. And frankly, over the years, it's become exactly as frustrating as clothes shopping. It even tenses up the same neck muscles. I find something that I like, but they don't have it in my size or worse, they have it in my size but it doesn't quite fit. It's just a shade wrong. And I could wear the shade wrong thing, but I would know all the ways it doesn't fit.

Same with songs. Even when I'm just generically listening to stuff for general "put it on the vidding list" music, I hear songs that are great in some ways, but either structurally or lyrically go to a place that make them ill-suited except in very narrow scenarios in which I have no interest. Listening to music with the knowledge that the songs could be used for vidding but aren't suitable for my needs makes the whole process awful. (And yes, I realize that the solution is "Stop looking at it that way" -- see above, re: I wouldn't listen to music otherwise).

It gets worse when I run into the vidding scenario that's been plaguing me for the last year -- I find something that seems a perfect match for a fandom or a multi scenario, spend days or even weeks gathering source and clipping, and the *instant* I get more than one clip on the timeline, I see exactly how the two are a terrible match. And now I've wasted oodles of time clipping something. Trying to find a song that's like the one you were using but is different in key ways is nearly impossible.

It's even more frustrating because I don't tend to vid things I'm actively obsessively fannish about. I prefer to vid in weird niches that I have some technical or historical interest in. So all of that time I spent clipping was really wasted, because it was only to support that specific vid idea for that specific song. The clipping work can't be repurposed for another vid in the same fandom because I'm not attached enough to the fandom itself to explore another angle. So I either find a replacement song for that specific idea or I fail.

The short of this is, you are not getting my ultimate lulzy Run Boy Run vid at Vividcon Premieres this year. I'm not sure I have any more vids in me for this year's Vividcon at all.
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The Tall Man. Actor Angus Scrimm died at age 89. He was best known as the primary antagonist in Don Coscarelli's Phantasm movies. He was also a beloved guest on the horror convention circuit and an all-around decent fellow by all accounts.
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I've spent the last two weeks working studiously on an ambitious project. I found a digital model file for a 2'4"-foot-long LEGO replica of the Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect 2. I've been completely stoked about this ever since I found the file online several months ago.

I spent a couple hundred dollars on parts, building what I could while I waited for my orders to come in. I dealt with the frustrations of working with the LEGO Digital Designer's auto-generated instructions that would occasionally hang pieces in mid-air at step 100 only to come back to the connecting pieces at step 700.

However, the whole thing became a lesson in not jumping into the deep end of the pool without checking that it's filled with water first.

Throughout the building process, I ran into little idiosyncrasies that indicated to me that perhaps the designer had only put the model together conceptually and never practically. I was convinced of this when I put together the super-cool looking model stand and found it collapsed under any sort of weight.

I soldiered on, figuring I could design a sturdier stand later. After a lot of hard work and some ingenuity, I managed to create all of the individual elements of the ship. However, I was unable to connect them together. There were two or three major structural flaws in the backend of the ship that fed into each other. The designer had created a working (hollow) shuttle bay with hangar door. He'd also hinged the back part of the roof so you could see the little model bridge. Further, two of the key pieces that helped attach the front, bottom, and rear sides did so by a bare thread, disrupted by the slightest pressure (like, say, the pressure of attaching Lego bricks to each other).

I found the page where I acquired the digital model file again and found that, yes, the design was entirely theoretical, he knew of the issues with the model stand, and he'd never practically put the whole thing together because the pieces cost too much. I'd somehow missed all of this when reading through the first time.

To say that this has been a frustrating experience is... understatement. One of the joys of LEGO is watching strangely attached pieces somehow become something recognizable and whole. Here I got as far as recognizable.

I've stowed everything I've built into drawers for the time being. I'm going to refocus on my vidding until I don't have any further deadlines to worry about. Then I'll review and revise the design, eliminate some of the structural weak points, and complete the model. Maybe. I'm not actually terribly confident in my ability to do so.

Blind Item

Oct. 23rd, 2014 02:07 pm
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I had a friend email me out of the blue and tell me that they "continued" to not want anything to do with me. Which is the first I've heard of it. We used to be close, but drifted apart, and I hadn't heard from them in over a year prior to this. I can't ask them what this is about because they specifically requested I not attempt communication or contact of any kind and I'm respecting that. I can only guess.

The memory goblins are compiling a litany of every potential offense or slight I've ever committed within a five-mile radius of this person. I thought I'd been really good about not being a total asshole lately, but maybe I just got cocky.
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I've been fighting this weird rolling illness where one or two low-level symptoms will present themselves, mess with me for a little while, and then step aside for other symptoms. I'm talking stuff like wooziness, aches and pains, sore throat, congestion, low energy, etc. Never all at once. It's super weird. It's been going on for about a week now.

I'm convincing myself that my body is doing last minute upgrades to prepare for the release of Jetpack Monkey 30 in a week and a half.

I haven't been able to respond to all the comments on my Festivids yet, but I will get to every single one. Some day.

What else? [personal profile] sweetestdrain has been guiding me through some of the major vids of the past 10 years that I've missed. There are some excellent vids that I've completely missed. [Edited to add: wow I really am sick]

Finally watched Scooby Road last night, for instance. I became all sniffly during Here Comes the Sun. I like how the vids start as looks at a handful of episodes or a particular character relationship, but then expand to consider larger thematic concerns within Buffy. With that said, a lot of the power of the vid album, especially in the later tracks/vids, hinges on Buffy Summers's emotional journey holding resonance for the viewer already. Buffy's character arc was not the one that hit me when I was watching the show; I was far more invested in Xander, Willow, Tara, Anya, Giles, and, to a certain extent, Dawn. So the parts where people promised me I would be a bawling wreck I... wasn't.

Revisions on the book essay have been turned in now, so my part in that is done.

Ugh. So out of it. I'm gonna go read a book with pictures.


Jan. 10th, 2013 04:29 pm
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It had to happen after things had been going so well. Today's just been a crapstorm of ridiculousness and bad news. Nothing horrific, just a bit like taking an axe to my inflated ego.

And on More Joy Day of all days.
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So Festivids disputes started today. I thought I would be super-helpful and note where every film that was listed by itself had a sequel or sequels, something which would disqualify the fandom as a safety in most cases.

See, in my universe, that's the most helpful thing in the world. Databases have to be complete! A total accounting of the source must be made!

Except, of course, this isn't my universe and I may have teed off a few people who nominated a 90 minute animated-or-horror film as a safety and did not expect to get saddled with the 1-12 largely direct-to-DVD sequels I dredged up on the IMDb.

I still think a few of the disputes I made are solid -- they are films that clearly take place in a shared universe. Beyond just my need for organization, I can definitely see a case where someone would request a full-universe vid.

But in cases where my zeal for completeness clearly overrode my common sense, I left a new comment withdrawing the dispute.

You can file disputes here:


Jan. 29th, 2012 02:16 pm
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 If it weren't for Festivids, my life would be total crap right now. Work stuff. Just, argh. Every time things seem to be getting better, something else goes completely wrong.

So, thank you Festividders. Thank you all!

Gr Argh

Oct. 5th, 2011 01:46 am
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Just had the worst day at work. I'm still unmedicated for ADD (fixing that soon... have a doctor's appointment to get a referral to a psych, but the appointment's not until November). I can actually still do my job quite well provided there aren't any major interruptions to my workflow.

There were five major interruptions to my workflow today. One of which lasted nearly a half-hour. All of which prevented me from doing any work whatsoever while they were happening.

So I basically got very distracted and kept being distracted when work was back on.

So that sucked.
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Just an ounce of stability. Give me just one ounce.
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Admittedly, I probably had this coming, but I'm feeling unreasonable right now.

My "50 Years of the Psycho Shower Scene" video has been pulled from Youtube for violation of Community Guidelines and I have been given some kind of "strike" against my account (no effect now, but if another such strike is accumulated, I lose upload privileges). There is no appeal process. Yes there is extremely brief nudity in the video, but it's historically illustrative of the liberties that Psycho's imitators took with Hitchcock's "all in your mind" approach.

The worst part of this is that the video has been embedded on a number of different websites, so once I find an alternate venue for it (I'm looking at Flurl), I'll have to track them all down and give them the new embed code. *sigh*
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My Uncle Tim died this morning after a struggle with lung cancer. It wasn't an easy death, I'm told. Mom is going back to Des Moines on Friday for the funeral. Unfortunately, neither my sister or I can afford the trip out right now.

Of all of Mom's brothers, I was least close with Tim, but he was good people. He loved his family more than anything -- even more than Green Bay or the Cubs.

My heart goes out to Mom right now. She lost her mother nine months ago. Losing her little brother now seems too soon.
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My dad's website (which I designed and do some admin work on) has been going up and down, up and down all day. The Dreamhost control panel tells me that the site's directory doesn't exist, nor does its Apache configuration, which I could buy if the site wasn't working half the time. Also (this is a Drupal site), when you go to any of the "hard-coded" pages ("admin", "blog", etc.), you get a 404 error. Makes no flipping sense.

Also, it keeps rejecting my FTP password.

No idea what's going on, but I am not pleased.


Sep. 15th, 2009 05:18 pm
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Apparently, my life is a big snob. When it is made of fail, it must be made of 24-karat fail.

*headdesk* *repeatedly*
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Just updated my OKCupid profile to discourage people from messaging me. Not that they were, really, but I wanted to be pretty clear about exactly the kind of relationship I could handle right now (extremely low-key or just movie buddies). Also cleaned up some out of date information (it still said I was a fan of Lost despite the fact that I gave up on the show midway through Season 2), uploaded some pictures from Comic-Con, and added a list of favorite directors.

Today I absolutely need to finish or nearly finish my Blood-Spattered Bride review (more lesbian vampires, yay). It goes up in a little over a week and if it's not done, then [ profile] midnightfae and I may have to talk about scaling back Classic-Horror's October review marathon from all 31 days to just the weekdays.

I hadn't anticipated being quite this behind on the reviews, but really, it makes sense. Last year I didn't have anything going up until October 15th, so turning in my first review on September 23rd made sense. This year, I have four reviews going up in the first half of the month, but I only turned in my first one a week ago. Oops.

*sigh* I still have eight more reviews to write.

What's left -- personal tracking )
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We had [ profile] coltsbane staying with us from Monday-Wednesday -- she arrived Monday afternoon and left Wednesday afternoon, so we only had Tuesday as our one full, proper day with her. From the list below, choose the the worst possible things to occur on Tuesday:

A) I have my first serious hangover in YEARS.
B) [ profile] midnightfae stabs herself in the leg.
C) I get food poisoning.
D) [ profile] midnightfae gets food poisoning.
E) All of the above.

If you chose E, you have accurately selected what actually happened. Two words of warning -- do not drink a heavy-on-the-rum rum and coke and a Mike's Hard Lime at the same time and avoid, when possible, the IHOP that's south of Thomas on Central Ave. in Phoenix.

Also, if you must carry a kitchen knife in a thin-material canvas bag, remove it once its purpose has been served.

Neither [ profile] midnightfae or I are fully recovered from our food poisoning experience. I think I'm actually feeling worse than I did yesterday.

Also, I was extremely late to work because we're dogsitting Abby, the Coolest Bulldog Ever, and I was running late and she really needed to go out... but not so much that she couldn't take her sweet sweet time getting her business done. Silly Abby.


Apr. 26th, 2008 02:05 pm
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I just borked my phone while doing dishes. Dropped it in a big cauldron of soapy water.



Jan. 11th, 2008 09:28 am
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It's official. This is the worst first two weeks of any year ever. Not just for me, but it seems like for the majority of my friend's list as well.

Oh well. Here's a Wonderfalls meme: My Wonderfalls character )

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