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So. Dreamwidth. I should catch you up. And stuff.

[personal profile] echan and I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary on December 13th with a trip to Legoland. We stayed on the pirate-themed floor in a pirate-themed room. With bunk beds! Which I did not fit into well. The park itself was pretty cool. As an amusement park, it's so-so. As a display of the wonders of LEGO craftsmanship, it is a modern marvel. Miniland USA and Star Wars Miniland are very, very awesome. They also had miniature golf! I bought... many many many many LEGOs. I'm using them for purposes related to the last item in this post.

Speaking of echan, ze bought me an awesome thing for the holidays: Borderlands 2 replica Loot Chest. I'm using it store LEGOs.

Been side-watching Gilmore Girls with [personal profile] jmtorres (wherein she watches it and I pop in and watch it with her when I'm around). It's a fun show, but it's getting increasingly less happy-place as we get into the sixth season.

[redacted Festivids discussion]

Went to the Kings/Coyotes games on Saturday with [personal profile] niqaeli. Had a great time. I'm not into sports, really, but I enjoy a good game every now and again.

I have jury duty next month. I am... ambivalent.

I'm currently prepping to play Dungeons and Dragons with [personal profile] brokenallbroken[personal profile] airawyn[ profile] rhi_silverflame[ profile] lizbetann, and [ profile] diannelamerc. Our first session is January 3rd and I am... slightly obsessive. I don't want to get caught off-guard, basically. I did build a pretty cool dice tower out of LEGOs though.

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[personal profile] seekingferret asks: "Is there a genre or style of music that you think should be vidded more often, either by yourself or by others?"

I feel really horrible, but my answer here is, "I dunno." I'm not a music guy by nature, so I'm constantly playing catch-up on what good vidding music is. I approach vidding from a source-first perspective. My brain is filled with source. I seek out music so I can vid it.

[ profile] vagabondage asks: "How did you find fandom, and how long have you been involved? What about fandom appealed to you, and what place does it have in your life?"

There are two fandom circles. I've been a member of horror fandom since I was in grade-school and a member of the horror fannish community when I said, "I can't find a website that speaks to me" and so created one. My journey as a horror fan was big in that it developed me intellectually. I was constantly seeking out film criticism and film theory and film history and trying to piece together this picture of movies, culture, and society via the lens of horror. I was always kind of off to the side within the community, however. It was very dude-dominated and I was never very comfortable there.

I found fandom as we know it via Buffy. Somebody posted the music tracks for the Buffy musical to a horror listserv I belonged to and I listened to them, then sought out the episode. Then I sought out all the episodes. Then I sought out the fans. I get into more of what I found here.

Being part of that fannish circle and then expanding to other online RP and then the vidding community developed me socially. I used to be kind of a huge loser. Now I have some of the best, smartest, coolest friends in the world. That makes me super, super happy.
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Last weekend I flew to Georgia because my friend [ profile] kittycat22 was getting married and I wasn't missing that for the world. The weekend ended up serving a double purpose -- her wedding and a ten-year anniversary gathering for many of the Sunnydale Socks, several of whom I hadn't seen since my own wedding four years ago (and some of whom I hadn't seen in much, much longer).

I missed my Buffy friends. I mean, I love my vidding friends with all my heart, but my Buffy friends really pulled me out of the deep, dark trench that was my life ten years ago and helped set me on the right course. If it weren't for them, I might not have achieved the escape velocity to get out of Iowa. And the thing is? Every last one of them is *more* awesome now. Indeed, one of the folks who I hadn't really connected with in the past became one of my favorite people over the weekend ([personal profile] kajivar I am looking at you).

I also saw [ profile] midnightfae who has been super-busy being a vet. This weekend reminded me why we were best friends back in the day. I am going to make more of an effort to stay connected. That goes for everybody, honestly. And many, many people I saw over the weekend ended up with open invitations to visit and/or move to Los Angeles.

My roommate for the weekend was the delightful [ profile] darklightluna. Her shortness and my tallness lead to us being called "The Room of Ridiculous Height Differences". There's a photo on Facebook if you go digging.

Many drinks were had, much dancing was done, awful awful things were said during Cards Against Humanity (one particular set of answers I was judging broke me hard), [ profile] brightone was a giant spider and tried to eat everyone during "Betrayal at House on the Hill". Oh yeah, and [ profile] kittycat22 got hitched. There was that.

As for the subject of this post? That was our rallying cry all weekend -- because the South is a very different place that does things very differently than expected. So every time we would run into something odd, we would say, "Because the South." Because we're terrible.

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Where was I? Oh yes. I went to bed on Friday night feeling like my legs were in revolt and not giving a crap.

However, I had to be up early on Saturday This is where we talk about Saturday )

Aaaand up again early on Sunday morning All about Sunday morning here... )

A moment of navel-gazing... )

Back to Sunday!Here we go... )

Next post will cover the last two Fiasco games, the end of the weekend, and vid recs.
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 I am on the plane to Vividcon. I just realized I didn't make my usual "Hi, this is me" post this year. However, I have it on good authority that I will be, unambiguously, the tallest person at the con this year. So, that's me. The super-tall super-skinny guy. 

Personality-wise? Well, my description from last year fits well enough. I express myself entirely in sarcasm and squee.

I am also super-huggable. Seriously? If you need a hug, I'm usually good for it.*

I cannot wait to see all my people! Hugs will be had!

I'm going to be selling DVDs in the consuite on the orphan vids table. Volume 1 (everything from my first vids through 2011) will be available throughout the weekend. Volume 2 (2012 vids through this year's Vividcon Premieres) will be available on Sunday.

If you're not following me for vids, I am super sorry, but I will be making a *lot* of vidposts this year.

* I do suffer from depression and sometimes it presents as "fuck everyone and everything ever, except you, person in my immediate presence." So... maybe go "Hug?" ahead of time. 
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Title: Wonderful World
Artist: Louis Armstrong
Source: All of them.
Warnings: Excessively gooby. May not make sense if you don't know the recipients.
Made For: [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann 

Summary: Dianne and Lizbet got hitched and I expressed my joy for them in the best way our kind knows how: I made them a vid with all of their favorite things in.

Password: buffalobuglet

Download 20.4 MB MP4 file (right/ctrl-click + "Save link as...")

Notes below the cut... )

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I pulled out my trusty dress vest for [ profile] diannelamerc and [ profile] lizbetann's wedding, only to discover that, somehow, it was still covered in glitter from when I wore it to Club Vivid back in August.

I miss my Vividcon people. *hugs*
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*ahem* As I said in my con report, the highlight of Escapade was a multisource Mario Bava vid that Franzeska made for me (me me me) that screened at my birthday party.

Franzeska has released the vid to the rest of the world to be appreciated and adored.

However, I feel that I would be remiss in not showing you folks exactly how I received the vid the first time I watched it. Luckily [ profile] jumpercut shot video of me reacting to the vid, which I have synced with the video itself and put online. It's below. It starts as just the vid, but my reaction pops up at 0:48 and continues until the end of the vid.

Password: bavasqueak

Jetpack Monkey Reacts to Franzeska's Bava Vid on Vimeo.

I accept that I am a ridiculous human being (with appalling posture). However, more importantly, Franzeska is made of win.
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I went into this Escapade a little apprehensive -- I didn't have the best time last year, although there were bright spots. However, I really had nothing to worry about, as it turns out.

I had such an amazing time this year. A lot of it was just from the fact that it was my second year at the con, but there were other factors. I was staying with roommates this year ([personal profile] anoel, [ profile] elipie, and [personal profile] kuwdora) who I could hang with. I knew more people. But more importantly, I saw a con that was more open and friendly, even (especially) to the first-timers around us.

In which I talk about the con )
In which I talk about the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me at a con and I still can't believe it actually happened )

I just want to give my thanks to the con organizers who did an amazing job. And I am so pleased that I was able to hang out with such a diverse group of folks. Just a small sampling of some of the people who made my weekend more awesome: Franzeska, Elipie, Kuwdora, Anoel, [personal profile] heresluck, [personal profile] laurashapiro, [personal profile] killabeez, [ profile] feochadn, [personal profile] mlyn, [personal profile] melina, [personal profile] kerithwyn, [personal profile] nakedbee, [ profile] renenet, [personal profile] amalthia, [personal profile] arallara, everyone who came to my birthday party (and I apologize that I can't name you individually for I was very drunk -- you were all lovely), and everyone who attended the panels I modded (even the one where I didn't show up because I was in the wrong room). There's some other folks with whom I had significant interactions, but I can't remember their names/find their journals, but you are not forgotten. Except for the name part. That I probably did forget.
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Title: Burn Brighter
Song: fun. - We Are Young
Source: Firestarter (1984)
Warnings: Some strobing lights. Gun violence (some directed at a child).
Made for: Eunice

Summary: Fire and feels.

Password: babydrew

Download 28MB MP4 file (right/ctrl-click + "Save link as...")
Notes below the cut... )
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Title: Back to Avalon
Song: Heart - Back to Avalon
Source: A League of Their Own
Warnings: One quick camera flash.
Made for: Milly, Festivids 2012

Summary: I know I'm going home.

Password: peaches

Download 39.4MB MP4 (right/ctrl-click +  "Save link as...")

Notes behind the cut... )
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Okay, the fact that I'm using an icon based on the poster of a movie that has a title that translates to "Hell" is not telling. I just really love that movie.

Lotta stuff going on.

-- has been nominated for a Rondo Award for Best Website! If you like horror, you can vote here: (voting ends April 1st at Midnight EST). For reasons, they only accept copy and pasted email ballots, so it's a bit of a slog to vote.

-- Working on my playlist for the Vividcon horror vidshow. I, uh, didn't realize how much work this would be, but I'm having fun discovering vids that I did not know existed before! If you know of any horror-related vids that you think would be awesome additions, please send them my way. I'm specifically having trouble finding vids made from older (pre-1980) and non-English (Eurohorror/Asian horror) sources. I also want to include at least one television vid that uses the source for creepy/scary purposes and maybe a multifandom vid.

-- On a related note, I am also looking for Premieres for my horror vidshow, because having more horror-related vids in this world cannot be a bad thing. Contact me at nate AT

-- I have a lot (a lot) of reviews to edit lately. Just a lot. Many. Need to work on those.

-- Talked with [personal profile] mresundance extensively today. He is made of awesomeness.

-- Finally watched Sherlock 2x01. AWESOME. Need to see the rest, clearly, although Tumblr has spoiled me to some extent.


-- Ugh, need to do more clipping for my Club Vivid vid. Getting sick of the source already and I haven't even laid anything down in Final Cut. This cannot be a good sign.

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Guys. You guys. So amazing, you guys.

When I went two years ago, I came back, well... I had fun, but there was this certain feeling that I was poking at the outsides of a community I didn't actually belong to or have a right to call my own (which may account for my low vidding output in the year following).

This year, I felt like I was part of a warm, joyful (and occasionally tearful) hug that lasted for days. I don't know if it's because I felt more confident as a vidder or because the atmosphere was just more inclusive, but my overall experience was night and day from 2009. So that was good.

I can't even begin to go chronologically. So I'll sort of pick at random wisps of weekend:
Bullet points behind the cut )

There will be a recs post later, as noted above, but not until I've had a chance to sit down with the DVDs and relive the con.
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It occurs to me that, other than my brief and completely unintelligible post from earlier, I haven't made a significant update in two weeks. Whoops. Here's the deal:

I was in fact, offered a job at a different web hosting company which I accepted and now I work with [ profile] lizbetann (same schedule and everything). Went home for Christmas and moving, vastly underestimated the amount of time needed to get our crap out of the apartment, ending up doing the drive to Los Angeles a day late and the schlepping of items into the storage unit a day after that. But long story short, both [personal profile] echan and I are now Los Angeles residents (crashing with Lizbet and [ profile] diannelamerc for the time being). We four drew up plans to live in a big geek commune of a two-bedroom apartment, only to be thwarted by unavailability and then unthwarted today when one opened up. Woot.

Also, I've been exercising daily on the Wii Fit. It's weird but I feel healthier and my ADD (which is currently unmedicated due to a foul-up with the prescriptions in the moving process) is actually semi-manageable. Mind you, when the expectations start to ramp up, I'll want my shiny orange pills again, but for now, I'm kind of okay.

Also, Lizbet and Dee are made of win. That is all.


Jan. 5th, 2011 02:54 pm
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So I had Social Fail at the July 4th party I went to, which I feel guilty about, so I'm taking a cue from [ profile] qkellie and listing some stuff that makes me happy.

  • Having an apparently telepathic connection with my wife, wherein we are already in agreement on propositions that neither of us have brought up (i.e. whether to leave our stuff in boxes after the recent fiasco).
  • The best coffee in the Phoenix area is a flight of stairs away from my apartment.
  • is back and better than ever.
  • Babylon 5 has been rocking more awesome into my world over the past month (just four episodes left in Season 4).
  • I have great friends who I love and trust.
  • My niece and I have a mutual admiration society going. She thinks I'm the bee's knees, man.
  • Doctor Who Season 5. I wasn't sure about it at first (and I'm still not 100% on Matt Smith), but Moffat makes me go, "Rusty who?"
  • Mandatory daily cuddles. 
  • Being a member of the horror blogging community. These are some of the most intelligent, friendly, and down-to-earth people I've ever dealt with.
  • Watching "The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers" (an episode of Faerie Tale Theatre) for the first time in many, many years. It stars Peter MacNicol, Christopher Lee, David Warner, and Frank Zappa. Narration by Vincent Price. Fun times and just as delightful as I remember it being when I was much shorter.
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I've been stuck in a rut for the past month or so. I thought it'd be a good time to go through and look at all the awesomeness of the past year to remind me that I'm a pretty neat guy.

January: Classic-Horror crashed hard. My friends proved their awesomeness. I made a respected makeup effects artist's day. Classic-Horror came back. I saw Cloverfield and loved it. I acquired a one-eyed Himalayan kitty. I began work on a little Doctor Who/Supernatural crossover.

February: I discovered Guitar Hero III. I lost a dear friend. I joined Facebook. I went to the Arizona Ren Faire with [ profile] desertwillow and met some awesome people. Joined THEM shortly thereafter and haven't looked back since (well, maybe that one time). DVD Panache interviewed me and posted it on my birthday. [ profile] midnightfae threw me the Best Birthday Bash EVER. As part of this, I bought a PS3 and tossed aside Guitar Hero III for Rock Band. Classic-Horror is Site of the Week over at AMC's (now-defunct) Monsterfest blog.

March: I attend my first THEM reconvene. The Cook pissed me off more than any film has a right to. The St. Patrick's Day... thing. I flew out to LA for a Mario Bava retrospective at the Egyptian (and even managed to drag a bunch of the gang to a double feature of The Whip and the Body and Kill, Baby Kill).

April: [ profile] hjcallipygian and I mend fences, thanks to Facebook. Courtney and I start dating; I lock my keys in the car on our first date. I start reading novels regularly again. I buy a shiny new MacBook Pro. Ruin my phone and bought a new one. Double the number of Converse All-Stars in my closet. THEM Formal has me looking super-snazzy.

May: Go to see Iron Man 2.5 times in the theater (fell asleep during third viewing). THEM End-of-Year Pool Party is splish-splashy fun. Courtney leaves to study abroad in China for a month. I inflict the Roseroll upon Livejournal. Classic-Horror is quoted on the back of the new 40th Anniversary Night of the Living Dead DVD.

June: [ profile] coltsbane rocks Casa Geek. A nasty bug rocks my stomach at the same time. I set-up my media server to be region-free and begin importing foreign DVDs with relish. My annual Comic-Con crazy begins. A reporter from the Chicago Tribune contacts me to do an interview on classic horror movies. Another trip to Los Angeles results in my first Disneyland visit. I vid for the first time in four years, with my Donna Noble tribute set to Oingo Boingo's Just Another Day (which has since been yanked from Youtube). Courtney returns from China and we break up shortly thereafter. I get a new boss at work who brings awesome changes to my department.

July: I vid again, this time about The Doctor's libido, set to Stuart Davis's Female Friend. I begin working on my HIMYM vid that still isn't nearly done. I get to see The Dark Knight before anybody I know, thanks to a special preview screening on IMAX. Join Twitter. Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog rocks my world. COMIC-CON! Meet Jamie Bamber, Peter David, the Ask a Ninja guys, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Sing my butt off at the Dr. Horrible screening.

August: Spend the first week back from Con very poor. The Chicago Tribune piece is published. I make a Universal Monsters vid and send off all my vids up to that point to [ profile] lizbetann for inclusion in the Apocalypse West Vividcon reel. I start bonding with my niece more, hanging out with her on the weekends. John Kenneth Muir says that I am a critic he respects. I help [ profile] midnightfae move to vet school and get a trip to San Francisco in the bargain.

September: Start adjusting to life without a roommate. Learn Perl on the fly at work. Shocktober Classics prep work adds to my insanity. I'm offered the opportunity to be a sponsor for the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, which I take.

October: Help run a Zombie Scavenger Hunt. Ask for a girl's number but later discover she has a boyfriend. Shortly thereafter I have a few dates with a really awesome, really tall girl, but it never really goes anywhere. My Jigoku review takes on epic proportions. Go to Disneyland to celebrate [ profile] _jealousy_'s birthday. The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival rocks -- I interview Adrienne King of Friday the 13th fame and introduce a screening of The Blob (1958). My Halloween costume is horror geek win.

November: Obama wins. Yes we did. Help [ profile] desertwillow paint her new house. Resolve to buy a car. Take a really nasty spill while running to catch a bus, leaving scrapes that stay with me for weeks. Resolve more strongly to buy a car. Begin work on the design of Dad's website. [ profile] qkellie and I conspire to release awesome Doctor Who / Dr. Horrible crossover vids -- I end up making my first four in just ten days. I also interview Reggie Bannister, star of Phantasm and its three sequels.

December: Repo! The Genetic Opera disappoints. However, attending the screening does lead to meeting the head of Horror Programming for Phoenix Comicon, who offers me the opportunity to do a panel on classic horror movies. The THEM Holiday Party is made of sheer win. [ profile] midnightfae visits. We see Let the Right One In, which might be my favorite movie of the year. Christmas with my family is very good; I spend much of the time entertaining my niece, who adores me. Totally misgauge my own tolerance at the THEM New Year's party, but [ profile] echan looks after me, for which I am extremely grateful.

I met so many fantastic people in 2008 thanks to THEM and for that I am incredibly grateful. I also was so moved that so many of my friends were able to come and see me for my 25th birthday. You guys have no idea what that meant to me. Thank you to everyone who was a part of my life last year. I really am a lucky guy.
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Went to LA this weekend. As per usual, it completely rocked.

Friday )

Saturday )


Man, I needed that. I feel like my system is completely reset and I'm able to handle life again.
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Ah, Cupid. Man, I love this show (and I thank [ profile] diannelamerc profusely for hooking me up).

"Do you know what your problem is?"

"Athena says I snore too much."


"I've never headbutted a mime?"
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Thanks to everyone who pitched in with their suggestions for scary episodes of television. You were all invaluable in getting this article put together.

Shiverin' 6: Great Episodes of Horror Television.

I ended up cutting the original planned "Ten Best" article to "Six of the Best" and, in a move of brazen cowardice (and after watching several several hours of the program), giving the decision on the X-Files episode over to [ profile] midnightfae.

ETA: Small permissions error fixed.

EATA: Whedonesqued

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