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I've developed an interest in what kinds of information people look for when they read movie reviews online. The interest is partially professional, but it's mostly sheer curiosity. I made a survey and I'd dig it if folks would take it. Some of the data may influence future iterations of Classic-Horror. The survey is anonymous and I don't collect any personal information. I've already linked it on Facebook, but I'd love to hear from my journaling buddies.

Click here to take survey
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I have an incredibly boring training video to sit through. Save my sanity! Throw some amusing distractions and random silliness my way.

Also -- snickerdoodles are people.
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I mentioned this to some folks at the New Year's Eve party, so I felt I should link to it.

Back in 2007, it was revealed that James Lipton, host of "Inside the Actors Studio," had spent some time as a pimp in Paris, France. Roger Ebert, clearly having fun, decided to run with it.

I've been around this business a long time, and I've never seen your equal. You have that rare ability to transform an ordinary performance into a work of art. And your empathy is extraordinary! I was just observing your session with Fifi. Well, her birth name is Margaret, born in Des Moines, I believe, family with the Red Cross, but Fifi is her professional name, so to speak, and she's the kind of performer who really opens up when she feels the kind of rapport you bring into the room.

Jimmy the Pimp: "You Don't Know How Good You Are!"
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UNICEF Kills the Smurfs. This is not a parody. This is a 2005 Belgian television commercial and a fully authorized use of the Smurfs for political purposes. It's freaking brilliant.

The final frame says (in Dutch, I think), "Don't let war affect the lives of children." "Don't let war destroy the children's world." (translation courtesy of Wikipedia [ profile] woodface).
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Is it just me, or does Sylar from "Heroes" bear a strong resemblance to "Hostel" director Eli Roth?

The Evidence... )

Both want to slice open your skull. Sylar, being the good brother, will at least eat what he kills.

*strokes chin stubble* Hmmm...
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I just went back and tagged almost every single entry since I got this journal.

At some point I'm going to have to divide the overly ubiquitous "life" into categories, but otherwise? It's all good.


Jun. 8th, 2005 10:30 pm
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Today's Questionable Content is hi-larious. It comes with my Seal of Secret Space Ninja Approval.

Ah, how I do love Faye and her growing emotional awareness.

In other news, I subjected myself to Beauty and the Geek on The WB. I can't tell you why. It's... um... kind of insulting. Although some of the so-called geeks could pass for WB teen stars. They're very pretty.

Ah, idiots.

Jun. 7th, 2005 06:53 pm
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Comic book writer and sci-fi novelist Peter David has truly hit the big time. There's an idiot pissant trying to take him down a peg for the crime of being an unabashed liberal. It's a shame the guy lacks the brainpower to make a statement other than "Peter David is a liar!" Anyway, this fella, who goes by the nom de moron of X-ray, has promised to be the "political watchdog" of Peter's blog.

X-ray makes himself known. Witness the beauty and structure of his debate technique, like when he repeats the phrase "Peter David is a liar" dozens of times to eloquently call into question Mr. David's veracity.

Peter quakes in his boots.

To prevent Easter-esque issues, the management would like to clarify that they simply believe this lone individual to be an idiot. If he were a liberal, he'd still be an idiot.
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We all know that evil robot clones from the future and monkeys with jetpacks can do nothing but improve a storyline. I mean, Citizen Kane's just a piece of self-important cinematic bombast until you throw in a toxic mutated freak and an evil alternate universe version of said freak (which is a good substitution for an evil robot clone) and suddenly you have the genius of Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV.

So, let's get listy here. What are some necessary elements for the Ultimate Story?

- Monkeys with jetpacks
- Evil robot clones from the future
- Zombies, preferably in a band of some kind ([ profile] hjcallipygian)
- Lots and lots of gratuitous sex without meaning or logic ([ profile] seeshellirun)
- A gigantic space/air battle with whooshing sounds.
- Death by Pop-Tart/bunny hybrid named Mr. Majenta ([ profile] soleilsoul)
- Hidden weaponry in the climactic battle, preferably something with an unexpected blade.

Evil robot clones from the future property of [ profile] hjcallipygian
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Bing tiddle tiddle bong

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This is something of an embarrassing confession, being male and a Buffy fanfic writer. I've had a few recent additions to my fanfic awareness bubble and I've taken to perusing their profiles. It's come to my attention that I automatically assume that a Buffy fanfic writer is female unless I'm otherwise informed.

How ridiculous is that? There's nothing about "Buffy" that makes it more orientated to the female writer than the male. Indeed, there's nothing about men that makes them less likely than women to key into the "Buffy" fanfic world. Hell, I write fanfic (I just don't finish it), and I'm male.

Maybe it comes from experience. I've been involved in a couple of LJ RPs in my time, and I'm usually one only a few males. Once I was the only one. In the one major fanfiction group writing project I've done, I was the only guy (and also, incidentally, the youngest by a few years).

So, I guess the real question is - where are the good male Buffy fanfic writers? I know they exist. I've read their work. But why is it such a minority that I actually find myself shocked when I discover one?

So, here's a little survey for the guys out there:

1) Do you write "Buffy" and "Angel" fanfiction?
2) Do you feel that you're in a gender minority in the Jossian fanfic circles?
3) How would you describe your fanfiction? What genres, 'ships, etc. do you write in?
4) What genres, 'ships, etc. would you absolutely avoid?

And for everybody:

5) Why do you think there's a gender imbalance in "Buffy" and "Angel" fanfiction writing?
6) Does this trend extend to all fanfiction?
7) Do you find it's more difficult for a writer to win your readership, based on their gender? Why?

Please pimp this out, start a dialogue. I'm interested in the answers and the discussion resulting from those answers.
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Making your own Lost episode is easy! Witness my own below:

"We're stranded on this island!"

"I know we're stranded on this island!"

"Kate, come move to the caves!"

"I'm so confused! Dirty con artist skank or successful and heroic doctor with the personality of a log?"

"Well, darlin', you could come over here and give me some sugar..."

"Dudes, would everybody just chill out?"

"I love you! I hate you! I love you! I hate you!"

"Back atcha, sis!"

"I shall continue my electronics work and attract a much smaller fanbase than I deserve."

"The key to hunting is to be ambiguous about whether you're going to betray everybody... I mean, it's about black and white, good and evil..."

"Bollocks. Kipper. Top of the pops. I'm a bloody rock star. 'You all everybody!'"

(indecipherable Korean)

(indecipherable Korean) "I can speak English, but don't tell anybody! SHHHHH!"

"It's okay, I'm too busy working on these complicated designs for home amenities, even though I'm just a construction worker with a kid... Where is that kid?"

"I'm right here! You don't really care! Wanna play? If not, I can go get completely twisted by Mistah Locke!"



Dec. 14th, 2004 09:03 am
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I'm feeling horribly silly today.

Watch out for random bits of wackiness throughout the day. Sometimes being off my ADD meds is kinda fun.

Just not enough fun to be worth it.

this message brought to you by [ profile] fl_turtleneck - fuck texas hold 'em poker
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I've figured out why Buffy was so cranky in S7...

The answer revealed! )


Jul. 13th, 2004 05:52 pm
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I have decided that the funniest line ever written by a former Star Trek actor turned everyday blogger is:

"Nicely done," said my brain. "Have some serotonin."

It's from Wil Wheaton's new book, "Just a Geek." I read an excerpt here and I just about died laughing. This guy has no illusions about himself, or at least, the illusions he does have are very, very amusing.
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Okay, after seeing pictures of GotR in Amsterdam, I totally want the next Whedon series to be Oz and Spike in a rock band touring the world, fighting crime/evil on the side. They could call it Phantom of the Wolf or something...

Oz: Dude, do you want to intro this one?
Spike: Absolutely, mate. This ones called "Hellsucker" and it's dedicated to the date of the tramp in the third row. Poor bloke doesn't know that he's out tonight with a succubus!
Date: What?
Oz: Hate to break it to you, man.
Spike: And now, Oz will get about to killin' her with a E-flat, diminished ninth. Take it!
Oz: (plays it)
Succubus: (dies horribly)
Band: (rocks out)
Crowd: (cheers)

Rock'n'roll, sex, Seth Green, and Marsters. How could the networks NOT go for it?

Oh, and this is totally a fic challenge for the wackily cracked out.
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Troy director Wolfgang Petersen was unconcerned when Brad Pitt tore his Achilles' tendon whilst filming the lavish new epic - because he was so confident about the movie. Pitt was out of action for weeks while he recovered from the injury, but Petersen refused to worry about the lost time and money on the $185 million , because he was convinced he was making a classic film. He explains, "What kept us going was the fact we had a great movie. If there had been any doubts about what we doing it would have been impossible to have gone through all this. But this is one of the greatest stories of all time."


Brad Pitt is playing the part of Achilles.
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Worked on my novel today to try to avoid the madness going down. Decided that a vampire novel really wasn't cutting it, especially with all of the comparisons to Angel and Blade that people have been making, so I've written out the entire supernatural element.

Some other changes... )

I hate having to start from the beginning, but it should be a really amazing book once it's all done.

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