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I've found a new happy place, guys, and it's called Gravity Falls. [personal profile] absolutedestiny recommended it to me specifically at Club Vivid this year, so I set-up the DVR (luckily, Disney Channel re-runs stuff a lot).

The first episode I caught (copy machine clones) was cute and clever and more than once, I found myself going, "Wow, I am really happy they did not go the way I expected with that."

The second episode (Boss Mabel) was okay -- still funny, but more routinely Saturday Morning Cartoon.

The third episode won me over completely when an old man in a fez started punching a pterodactyl in the face while quoting "Moby Dick." Said old man also had a pig strapped to him at the time. As you do.

Since then, every episode I've caught has been amazing and hilarious and sometimes I smile so much it aches.

Basically, it's like an unholy mix of Twin Peaks and Eureka, but for kids! Mabel and Dipper are twins who go to stay with their great-uncle (grunkle) Stan, who runs a tourist trap with a bunch of fake exhibits in the Pacific Northwest. However, the surrounding woods are filled with actual oddities from the mystical to the cryptozoological to the just plain weird. It's coursing with a bizarre sense of humor and doesn't mind tossing in a few jokes for the adults in the audience here and there.

It is really, truly amazing. I should totally vid this show. I just need a good song.
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Title: Va Va Voom
Source: I Love Lucy
Song: Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Summary: She's the living room's main attraction.

Update (2013-11-26): Now available in both Youtube and Vimeo streaming varieties:

Vimeo Password: splainin

Download 27.7MB MP4 file (right/ctrl-click and "Save link as...")

Notes: This vid premiered at the Not Just for Laughs vidshow at Vividcon 2013. Thanks much to [personal profile] thirdblindmouse , [ profile] sweetestdrain , [personal profile] echan , and [personal profile] anoel for cheerleading and beta-ing.

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I had a dream last night that I was convinced, while I was having it, that it would make a fantastic Community spec script. I thought it was totally brilliant. I even had a follow-up dream where I pitched it to Dan Harmon and he thought it was great and told me to write it.

Unfortunately, after I woke up, I couldn't recall most of the funny bits, just the basic premise and some of the key dramatic moments. Sadly, those key dramatic moments hinged on the presence of Community characters that only existed in my dream -- me, Captain America, and [personal profile] franzeska . Although there was one funny exchange with Dean Pelton and Abed that I can still remember and like a lot.

The dream episode centered around a Greendale soccer and/or ice hockey game (it didn't switch back and forth in the dream -- rather, I had the dream once and went back and made a revision and had it again. It played very differently -- when I was forward playing soccer, we lost, but when I wasn't playing ice hockey and Captain America was forward (or whatever) we won, but disaster struck. Jeff Winger was goalie in both versions. Half the episode took place in the bleacher with various interpersonal subplots that I can't actually recall (just that at one point I realized that I'd totally neglected to put Pierce in and Andre was jealous because he thought Shirley was flirting with another man, but really she was just being friendly with a preacher because she was thinking of switching to his church).

Also I have no Community icons. This is sad.

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So I'm about 35 minutes into the Once a Thief pilot movie (oh John Woo, this is so VERY YOU) and I've already gleefully clapped my hands together three times.

This is a good sign.

(many thanks to [personal profile] fan_eunice for her many, many posts exhorting the benefits of watching Once a Thief)

(also [personal profile] mresundance  -- he knows what he did)

ETA: Four times! Five! I've lost count!

Additional ETA:  So every time Mac and Victor wrestle or punch each other, I'm supposed to interpret that as sex, right? The straddling at the very least.

MORE  ETA: "We don't let go, they find us dead in each other's arms."  I  can't make this stuff up.

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Monday - How I Met Your Mother
Tuesday - Sunday - Um. DVDs?

I'll probably watch Dollhouse when it comes on at midseason. And I might watch Fringe. Everything else I'm either uninterested in or I'm too far behind on to make a proper effort.
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Ah, Cupid. Man, I love this show (and I thank [ profile] diannelamerc profusely for hooking me up).

"Do you know what your problem is?"

"Athena says I snore too much."


"I've never headbutted a mime?"
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Thanks to everyone who pitched in with their suggestions for scary episodes of television. You were all invaluable in getting this article put together.

Shiverin' 6: Great Episodes of Horror Television.

I ended up cutting the original planned "Ten Best" article to "Six of the Best" and, in a move of brazen cowardice (and after watching several several hours of the program), giving the decision on the X-Files episode over to [ profile] midnightfae.

ETA: Small permissions error fixed.

EATA: Whedonesqued
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Following up on the suggestions received from my post about scary television, I received a metric ton of X-Files suggestions. Which eps are the scariest? I'll probably take the top 4-5 and watch them to research my article.

[Poll #1183726]

Also, I still need suggestions for scary Supernatural episodes. People seemed to be drawing a blank on 'em last time.
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What are some of the scariest episodes in television history?

(yes, I'm working on an article)
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[ profile] midnightfae and I are entering into Season 3 of Farscape as I introduce her to the awesomeness of the show. I should note that [ profile] midnightfae does not like when shows kill off her favorite characters.

Perhaps I should warn her that the Season 3 premiere title, "Season of Death", is really an appropriate name for Season 3 as a whole.

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Quick update on the me:

* I think I blew it with the girl I've been chatting with online. I was feeling bold and said something really idiotically cheesy. Suddenly she had to go clean her room. It sucks, but at least I learned something.

* Still insanely productive, although I've been kind of stuck on my review of Lucio Fulci's A Lizard in a Woman's Skin for the past few days. This wouldn't be so bad, except it's a review I need to get done for Classic-Horror's October review-a-palooza. If you see a post here in the next few days with me just randomly riffing on the film, it's so I can get my thoughts together and find an angle.

* Speaking of the review-a-palooza, we have over half of the month's reviews turned in already, at least in first draft mode. About a third are done and ready to go.

* Just found out that the screener for Warner's Twisted Terror collection, which I'd given up on, may (but still may not) be coming in the next few weeks. That should be interesting to take care of in the middle of everything else.

* I'd say I'm looking forward to the new TV season, but I've given up on appointment television. I settle for appointment seasonal box sets at this point, unless it's Doctor Who. I gotta have that crack in my system as soon as it's on the streets.

ETA: Nearly forgot. I hereby publicly apologize for [ profile] midnightfae for making her suffer through Wes Craven's shit TV Movie Summer of Fear for the sake of the website.
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Emily Langton's brilliant write-up of her Comic-Con interviews with the cast and crew of Moonlight is here. Although, you may have already seen it because, dude, it was Whedonesqued. I have my suspicions as to who did that, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. If it was you, stand forward and be hugged.

This is turning out to be as big as the Supernatural article (if not bigger).

ETA: ...yeah, this is going to be bigger than Supernatural. Way bigger.
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Behind the cut o' Time Lord doom )

[ profile] midnightfae has a new review up over at Classic-Horror for Night of the Lepus. Read about the non-terrifying giant bunnies of doom.
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They're baaaaaaack. Sort of.

I'm totally stoked.

*uses only DLM icon*
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I'm through the pilot and the first five episodes of Season 1 of "Twin Peaks". Damn that's good coffee!

How they make Agent Cooper so awesome without becoming annoying is beyond me. I credit Kyle MacLachlan, who I'd always pegged as a somewhat mediocre actor. My mistake.

I will be totally buying Season 2 when it comes out (although I accidentally got spoiled for the big reveal -- which actually isn't that hard for a show that's been off air for 16 years).
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BSG's Season 3 premiere makes my head hurt. I don't think I'll be following the show this season, but only because it is so brilliant that I really need DVD to go over and study it.

Heroes 1x03 )

Also, made some new icons, but I'm waiting to post them until I have a larger set. There's some non-Weiss in this bunch, too.
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Oh my!

Heroes 1x02 )

Veronica Mars 3x01 -- The Welcome Wagon )

BSG: The Story So Far -- I realize that compressing a miniseries and just under 40 episodes of a sci-fi series with complex arcs is difficult, but you guys couldn't give me just a little more? There were like three things in there that I didn't glean from the general context of my flist and playing in FH -- and I was staying spoiler-free (well, up until the recap... I just don't have time to watch Season 2 before 3 starts on Friday). I guess I'll pick things up as I go.

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