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Is it just me, or has How I Met Your Mother really stepped up its game this season?
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I'm kind of half-assed still working on the HIMYM chronology while I clip for my Barney/Robin vid, but I noticed something fascinating that can't really be explained away by Future!Ted as unreliable narrator.

Spoilers for Season 3 )
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My attempts to construct a HIMYM chronology have been thwarted by the Victoria episodes.

  • The invite in "The Wedding" says that Claudia and Stuart's wedding is on "Saturday, February 10th." However, in 2006, February 10th was on a Friday. Throughout the episode, the characters refer to the wedding being on Saturday, though, so it might actually be a misprint.
  • Except wait a minute. Ted and Victoria get together at the end of Drumroll Please, a day after the wedding. At the beginning of Zip Zip Zip, a Monday, Marshall says the two have been in Ted's room for two days. Meaning that the wedding really was on Friday, February 10th.
  • In Zip Zip Zip, Ted and Victoria agree to hold off on sex for a month. Later in the episode, Ted says that, "the 18th can't get here fast enough." March 18th? Because, uh, that's a month and a week.
  • Lily and Marshall's anniversary is inexplicably in the middle of March, despite the fact that they started going out sometime in their first semester of college. I'm less ornery about this one, because lots of couples have weird anniversaries that have nothing to do with when they first began dating.

I guess all of this can be handwaved by Older Ted not having the greatest memory ever (I mean, he did displace the goat by a year), but dammit. I was hoping Bays and Thomas, with their obsession with flashbacks and continuity, would've paid slightly better attention than this.
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I haven't disappeared. I'm just busy busy busy.

1. My Club Vivid vid of awesomeness.

2. A Barney/Robin vid that I bunnied on over the weekend. I've been meaning to do one forever, then "Rough Patch" came along and killed my desire. However, I found the perfect song and now I'm laying down clips.

3. Just bunnied on my Vividcon Premieres vid. It's kind of my attempt to be [ profile] absolutedestiny, except I'll still be me (translation: I'll cling to the lyrics like a seat-cushion-turned-flotation-device). It's Classic Hollywood set to Classic 70s Rock.

4. For some reason, I feel this driving need to construct a How I Met Your Mother chronology.

5. At some point I tripped and fell face-first into my own web design firm? Don't ask me how. It's all very Vorkosigan-y. I have three projects lined up right now.
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Sometimes you're watching a show and you hit upon the PERFECT clip for that one spot in your long-put-aside vid, the one that would totally win over whatever filler you had there. And thus does work begin anew.

I'm back on the HIMYM vid.
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CBS 5 in Phoenix? You are ON NOTICE.

I agree that the election is very important. However, you do not, repeat not pre-empt a new episode of How I Met Your Mother for a special on the election. Not on.

Now I have to stay up until 1:35 in the morning, which is when they're really airing the episode (or until when a torrent completes, whichever is first). Boo.

I am NOT obsessed.
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Monday - How I Met Your Mother
Tuesday - Sunday - Um. DVDs?

I'll probably watch Dollhouse when it comes on at midseason. And I might watch Fringe. Everything else I'm either uninterested in or I'm too far behind on to make a proper effort.
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I have commenced vidding on my How I Met Your Mother vid set to Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

This is going to be a toughy, I think. Even though it is frequently cleverly directed, the show is not exactly what I'd call cinematic. Keep shots varied is going to be difficult. Also, I'm working from broadcast sources (because the Season 1 DVDs are 4:3 not widescreen and Season 3 isn't out yet), which means I have to avoid things like the TV rating in the upper-left and the "BROADCAST IN HD" at the beginning of each episode.

I think that I may have just stepped into a much bigger challenge than I had anticipated.


Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:15 am
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Thirty icons posted to [ profile] jetpackvampire, including a metric ton of Season Four Who (The Doctor and Donna, specifically) as well as some How I Met Your Mother.

Minor minor spoilers for Doctor Who 4x11 - Turn Left.
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Went to LA this weekend. As per usual, it completely rocked.

Friday )

Saturday )


Man, I needed that. I feel like my system is completely reset and I'm able to handle life again.
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  • He's tall.
  • He's from the Midwest.
  • He escaped the Midwest for a major metropolitan area.
  • He's a giant dork.
  • He thinks that fruity drinks that taste awesome ARE awesome, no matter what your gender.
  • He cares about the environment.
  • He's hyper-competitive but pretty easygoing at the same time.
  • He has continued the pursuit of awesomeness into his late 20s.

Oh yeah. Tennant's Doctor may be my body-type avatar, but Marshall Eriksen is totally my personality avatar.
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For those who might not know, I have an icon journal at [ profile] jetpackvampire, which I share with [ profile] qkellie. I mention this because I whipped up a batch of How I Met Your Mother icons last night when I was stuck on my Frightmare review.
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So, I forgot to mention that The Roommate of Awesome bought me "How I Met Your Mother" Season 1 on Black Friday. I may have neglected to mention this because the show is awesome and I am busy watching it.

Just finished up "The Pineapple Incident" last night. I totally called that the guest star played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. Totally. Called it.

...goddammit, I don't need another fandom.

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