Feb. 1st, 2005

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I'm staying at Mom's this week, watching her dogs while she's in Long Beach, CA at a conference for medical librarians. The nice thing about this setup is that Mom's laptop is hooked up to the 'net, but it doesn't have all the frills and fringes that tend to keep me on for all hours of the day (like, say, Trillian).

I'm hoping to use this week to springboard some new habits that'll keep me off the computer and into the more productive real world. Writing, reading, playing with the dogs, going outside and enjoying the omggasp fresh air.

I won't say that I won't be posting as much, because every time I do say that, I end up posting more than usual. So, uh, whatever.

Nice extra bonus to all of this is Mom has a huge TV, so watching Farscape Season 3 should be pretty trippy.
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Ah, there's a backlog on Farscape Season 3 Disc 2, I guess, so Netflix is sending me Season 4 discs instead (with discs in a series, if the next installment is unavailable, Netflix will skip over the entire series to the next item on your queue so you don't get parts out of order. However, it doesn't recognize separate seasons as being part of the same overall series).

How frelling useless.

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