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Sep. 2nd, 2009 11:40 am
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I am moving in less than a week and while I started the packing process early, I feel like I am hopelessly behind. Good thing there's a three-day weekend.

Things to do in the next six days or so )

I'm probably forgetting something. Oh well.
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I have been insufferably high-spirited and productive this week. [ profile] midnightfae was about ready to kill me this morning around 8AM when I started coming up with all sorts of different wacky nicknames for Drew Goddard.

So now's as good a time as any to get out the ol' to-do list of to-doom.

Stuff to get done before Comic-Con )
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  • Write review for Pete Walker's Frightmare (1974)
  • Make decision on new applicant's sample review.
  • Clean apartment (or parts of it).
  • Send Courtney's press credentials to Comic-Con people.
  • Finish Neuromancer
  • Re-start Summer Knight or begin Alien Blood.
  • Pay rent.
  • Feed self.
  • Feed animals.
  • Laundry.
  • Clean room.
  • Hang posters in room.
  • Write second review, title undecided.
  • Finish Shocktober spreadsheet (yes, we're really doing prelim work on October this early).

I'm sure there's more. The clean apartment bit has soooo many subsections, which often have their own subsections. Definitely not getting all of this done this week, but it's a goal?
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The of doom goes without saying...

* Watch and review 22 episodes of Supernatural, having seen exactly none previously. 4 down...
* Attempt to contact universal remote manufacturer to see if they can "upgrade" remote to work with DVD player... which is why I bought the damn thing in the first place.
* Work on new C-H design, which has been untouched for two months.
* Update Upcoming DVDs list on site forum.
* Watch Left in Darkness and review.
* Squeeze in another, actually classic film for review.
* Finish Hollywood Cauldron book. Wonder why so many of the (apparently excellent) films listed are not on DVD.
* Select winners for recent Classic-Horror contest.
* Put old desktop monitor in closet for more desk space.
* Attempt to not procrastinate (much).

* Finish new coding project.
* Add more stuff to new coding project development wiki.
* Review quite-a-lot of films for October review marathon on C-H (may have to nix this year due to low staff)
* Develop startling new database-related obsession of some sort.

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