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I'm moving in a month, so this is your last chance for a DVD Grab Bag. I'm making up to 10 5-DVD Grab Bags for $10 each.

How does this work? You comment with 5-10 broad/generic requests (arranged by preference), I find matches and send you 5 DVDs. Some example requests:

Cheesy Italian zombie movie
Starring a former or current Doctor
Directed by Billy Wilder
Produced by Roger Corman
Giant Monster Fight!
Adapted from 19th Century Literature
1980s comedy
Suspense Thriller
Something for the whole family

Most of what I'm giving away consists of cult horror movies, minor cinema classics, and stuff I picked up over the years to make me look cool.

I can't screen for all possible triggers or warnings, but I will do my best to screen out the following if provided in your request:

Gore (G)
Sexual Violence (S)
Child Harm (C)
Animal Harm (A)
Directed by Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, or Victor Salva (P for predator)
R or NC-17 rated (R)

Standard disclaimer: I haven't watched everything in my collection, so my ability to screen based on warnings is reliant on the Internet in a lot of cases. Inclusion in a grab bag does not constitute a guarantee of quality, but it will almost certainly be an experience of *some* kind. Some of the cases may have some wear.

I am making a separate post for box sets, which I am selling for about $5 each (mostly).

After you leave your (screened) comment, I'll let you know if you were in the first ten and we can discuss payment and address info.
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