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All the vids! I kind of put this off because most of my vids are just available at Youtube, but that's not 100% true anymore. So here we are!

Horror MoviesOther Movies
Doctor Who

Other TV
  • Wonder Boy - Angel (Angel & Spike) [2004, remastered and updated in 2008]
  • Mean Woman Blues - Once a Thief (Mac/Director) [2012, Festivid for fan_eunice]
  • Real Wild Child - Lost Girl (Kenzi) [2012, Vividcon Premieres]
  • The Angelic Look - Charlie's Angels 1976 (Sabrina/Kelly) [2013, Festivid for franzeska]
  • Blow - The Prisoner 1967 (Number 2) [2013, VidUKon Premiere]
  • Va Va Voom - I Love Lucy [2013, Vividcon Not Just for Laughs vidshow]
  • crushcrushcrush - Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (Bashir/O'Brien) [2013, Vividcon Auction]
  • Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Danger 5 [2014, Festivid for seekingferret]
  • Raise Your Glass - Space Cases [2014, Festivid for elipie]
  • The Ballad of Wesley Crusher - Star Trek: The Next Generation [2014, Festivid for thirdblindmouse]
  • Blank Space - MacGyver (MacGyver/Murdoc) [2016, Festivid for thirdblindmouse]
  • A Boy and his Dog - Scooby-Doo (Shaggy & Scooby) [2016, Vividcon Premieres]
  • Bad - Mystery Science Theater 3000 (theater scenes) [2016, Club Vivid]

Other media (web, video games, etc.)
  • Radio - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin' [2014, Festivid for bradcpu]
  • Madhouse - Psychonauts [2015 Vividcon Challenge: Memory]

Super-multi-fandom-listic-expiali-docious (mix of movies and television)

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